Align On a Strategy

Strategic solutions to help govern your data, align business initiatives, and accelerate the adoption of cloud-based analytics.

According to Melbourne Business School, companies are 1.24x more profitable when their analytics investments are selective and aligned with their overall business strategy. If your top priority is the success of data processes, look to CCG to provide insights on building a data-driven culture, leveraging successful organizational models, and establishing a strategic roadmap for your data, cloud, and analytics initiatives. 

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Data Governance

Accurate, Democratized, Organized Data for Faster Analysis and Rich Insights

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Data & Analytics Strategy

Creating a Data-driven, Cloud Born, Intelligent Enterprise

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Cloud Strategy

Embrace the Cloud with Confidence

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Are you shopping for a tool to solve your data problems?

Technology may help, but your governance, cloud computing, and analytics adoption will continue to be a challenge without a comprehensive strategy. 

CCG has comprehensive methodologies across Data Governance, Data and Analytics Strategy, and Cloud Strategy to drive efficiencies. Our strategy solutions are designed to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise by driving cloud-based data-driven decision-making. It is this reason why we see an average of 2X increase in data literacy from our customers. 

Technology is only part of the equation. Collaborate with CCG to establish a culture driven by data. 

Note-Worthy Data

As technology evolves at a rapid-pace, it's important to find a strategic partner with proven expertise. Here are a just a few of our brag-worthy metrics.


Offerings enable you with governed data 9X faster than competitors


Increase of adoption rate for non-technical users, on average


Avg hours saved with Governance committee consolidation


Tier hands-on training options customized to workforce maturity

Our Customers

"Like other parts of the IT sector, data analytics customers want packaged solutions they can easily scale. There is no better company in the space than CCG to provide what has been missing in the landscape: the ability to turn data into truly actionable business insights."

Tony DiBenedettoCEO of Tribridge and Board Spokesperson


How to Create An Actionable Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Check out this eBook to ensure your BI solution supports your strategic analytics goals and delivers business value to your organization.

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