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Solutions designed to help you migrate infrastructures, optimize operations, and proactively manage data environments.

Studies show that 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service. As your business sees the value in shifting to the cloud, it becomes imperative to ensure migrations are supported end-to-end, your environment is optimized, and your team is set up for success. By working with a partner like CCG, we can help link your cloud and data teams together while guiding you through hybrid and total cloud scenarios. 

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Cloud Migration

Guiding customers on the ultimate azure journey.

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Cloud Optimization

Accelerate your digital capabilities.

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Cloud Managed Services

Proactive cloud management and advisory services.

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Are you concerned about getting the most business value from your cloud environment?

By migrating to an optimized cloud environment, and establishing an ongoing management plan, your business can have a secured hub for your innovative data initiatives and agile business processes.

CCG's cloud experts offer a prescriptive approach designed to increase operational efficiencies, decrease security risks, and harness a return on your investments. 

We do this through a comprehensive blueprint, in-depth performance evaluations, optimization best practices, and alignment with business stakeholders. 

Redundant hardware costs and infrequent maintenance are a thing of the past. Drive towards a cloud-based and data-centric intelligent enterprise with a strategic lens on cultural adoption, flawless automation, and synchronized systems with CCG. 

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As technology evolves at a rapid-pace, it's important to find a strategic partner with proven expertise. Here are a just a few of our brag-worthy metrics.


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"The Microsoft Solution Assessment team is excited to partner with CCG to deliver customers a complimentary analysis of their data center environment…across key cloud migration scenarios."

Frank RossiMSUS Solution Assessment Specialist


Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Criticality of Workloads in the Cloud

Your Reference for Understanding Cloud Availability and Downtime

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