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In today’s digital landscape, retail, restaurant, and hospitality organizations are tasked with the increasingly difficult job of providing the best customer experience possible across a wide range of customer touch points.

While many of these businesses have successfully amassed large amounts of customer data, few are able to easily access that data or gain valuable insights to create a more informed, data-driven organization. Instead, companies often spend their time:

- Questioning the trustworthiness of the data they have
- Jumping through hoops to access the information they need
- Struggling with properly translating the data into insights
- Unable to act upon data to drive a better customer experience
- Attempting to link disparate data sources to track customer behavior

Many businesses across these industries are using outdated legacy systems that were simply not built to provide this level of analytical insight. These should not have to shoulder the burden of compiling their own reports and trying to make sense of them. Nobody has time for that.

Fortunately, there is an easier way. Read on to see how CCG can transform your business and help you make better business decisions.

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Now, because of our work with CCG, our team is able to explore our business through a customer-focused lens. They are asking more in-depth questions, which lead to a better understanding of our business and ultimately better business decisions." 

                                                    - Vice President of Business Analytics & Strategy, vineyard vines


CCG is on the forefront of modernizing 20th century retail, developing proven strategies and solutions that specifically solve the data and analytic challenges facing retailers, restauranteurs, and those in the hospitality industry. Learn more about how we can help you with the following market challenges.

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Whether you need better, more trustworthy customer data, the ability to effectively segment and personalize customer communication, or to gain actionable insights into who your customers are and how they behave, we have the solution for you.

Learn more about Customer Intelligence for Retail below.

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Product/ Merchandising

Merchandising analytics can make a retailer’s life so much easier. Determine what products are selling best and why, figure out ideal price points, and ensure that inventory levels are optimized for demand.

See how Rooms to Go Improved their Supply Chain Management.

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Brand & Marketing

What if analytics could help you more effectively target customers? Or let you know where your marketing spend is most effective? Get a powerful edge in converting your marketing efforts into sales.

Learn how a popular Med Spa Retailer optimized their marketing efforts.

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Finance &
Real Estate

Should you open new brick-and-mortar stores? If so, where will you get the most bang for your buck? Mitigate the risks of opening new stores and increase operational efficiencies by gathering intelligence in advance and making data-driven decisions.

Read about how a Clothing & Accesories Retailer reduced risk with data-driven real estate predictions.

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Staffing & Labor Optimization

Leverage performance metrics so you can reward and model after top performers, while recognizing and correcting weaknesses in your workforce. Data analysis can also help you vet and select ideal candidates for key roles.

Find out how AutoML predictions helped this retailer optimize their workforce.

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We understand the unique challenges facing the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industry and have a wealth of experience helping top brands face those challenges head-on. Find out how CCG can help you better understand your customers, increase sales, improve efficiencies and optimize your workforce. It's time to thrive.

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