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It's your business to serve, and you know your solutions better than anyone else. Taking your professional services to the next level, though, can be challenging when working with disparate data sources and misaligned analytics.

Our data and analytics solutions can provide you with a clear story of how your business is performing, how to optimize department spend, and ways to stay innovative. With the threat of globalization, you also need to stay competitive and capitalize on advancements in technology.

Let our professional service experts help you accelerate our business's analytics strategy and digital transformation.
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Kforce chose CCG for the people, the expertise, and the fact that they didn't bring a boiler plate solution to the table. 
- Kevin Davis, VP Analytics and Architecture, Kforce


By capitalizing on data, analytics, and the cloud, you can address critical business needs, amplify your service offerings, and better prepare for the future. Whether you have an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate processes, or are simply trying to get analytics in the hands of more users with self-service reporting - CCG can help. Explore our capabilities below.

Leverage automation
Leverage Automation

Streamline processes by expediting redundant and costly tasks. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can:

  • Accelerate complex decision-making
  • Save time during production
  • Identify key areas of spend
  • Effectively manage standardization of product

Enhance Services
Enhance Services

Differentiate by providing value-added services to your clients. Use data and analytics to:

  • Integrate self-service for hands-on engagement
  • Access real-time reporting to support communication
  • Draw insights into individual sales
  • Optimize project performance

Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations

Your business thrives on systems and schedules. When you have disparate data sources, telling a complete story of your operations can be challenging. Get the advantage of analytics to improve:  

  • Workforce scheduling and resource utilization
  • Visibility into operational KPIs
  • Real-time insight into financial metrics
  • Simplified billing and cost management

Increase Loyalty
Excel in the Digital Marketplace

The world has gone digital, and leveraging the online marketplace enables your business to more effectively reach potential and current customers. Capitalize on data and analytics to: 

  • Gain insight into market reach and sentiment
  • Provide opportunities to connect with clients nation-wide
  • Optimize marketing and advertising spend

Industry Catalog

CCG recognizes that there are many facets to the professional services industry. It's not a one-size-fits-all. When it comes to data, analytics, and cloud, it's important to partner with a business who not only knows about the industry - but is also in it themselves. Below are just a few of the sectors within professional services that we support, alongside businesses that we are proud to call our partners. 

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