Data, analytics, and cloud solutions to predict revenue, optimize operations, and increase productivity in your organization

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of manufacturing companies embracing Cloud expect to see an immediate increase in worker production 
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Optimize spend, service and supply chain with accelerated cloud-enabled analytics solutions 

From durable goods to raw materials, whatever your specific business, manufacturing has seen massive change recently and over the last decade. In order to compete, it's critical that you capitalize on data and empower your organization with analytics. 

At CCG, we understand the challenges that manufacturing organizations like yours are facing right now. That includes the need to create more value from fewer resources while also transforming and optimizing your business to capitalize on market opportunities as efficiently as possible. 

Continued change is inevitable. Let our experts and experience-built solutions help guide you through recovery, transformation and accelerated modern analytics to prepare your business for whatever the future may hold. 

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Putting employees first and protecting them by combining real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation to streamline production enables manufacturers to keep producing much-needed medical supplies and service customers". 
- Louis Columbus, Forbes


Industry 4.0 is still on the rise, even though approaches are being re-assessed across the board. When it comes to leveraging the power of data, the "next state" is not more important than the "future state". To accelerate transformation, your business must take incremental, executable steps that provide real business value. CCG helps you drive ROI from your data by optimizing operations, increasing productivity, predicting revenue and demand, and increasing customer loyalty. 

Optimize Operations

Optimize Operations

Cross-department synchronization is one of the most common sore spots for businesses and when you don't have insights beyond a single daily flash report, you could be leaving money on the table. Leverage analytics to understand:

  • Supply Chain Optimization Insight
  • Sustainability Predictive Models 
  • Transportation & Logistics Analytics
  • Centralized Production Monitoring

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

When your business has little flexibility with adjustments to spend, it is essential to understand where production efficiencies occur. Below are use cases to increase productivity: 

  • Financial Performance Analytics (Cash, Liquidity, Profit)
  • Product & Operations Innovation Analytics
  • Energy & Consumption Analytics
  • Product Customization Feasibility
  • Industrial Sensor Diagnostics Management

Predict Revenue

Predict Revenue & Demand

Breaks in the supply chain can be detrimental to your business. Through a complete view of supply chain activities from a data perspective, you can easily pin-point ways to drive a return on investment. CCG can help you understand: 

  • Plant Simulation & Throughout Optimization
  • Demand Intelligence
  • Inventory Optimization Analytics
  • Dynamic Pricing Models
  • Event Simulation & Scheduling

Increase Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Whether you sell business to consumer or business to business, we know that buyer journeys have plenty of room for error. By better understanding your customer, you'll see what changes are needed to what you sell and how you sell it. Analytics can drive:

  • Sales & Service Intelligence
  • Workforce Optimization Analytics
  • Virtual Workforce Analytics Enablement
  • Customer Health Insights

Industry Catalog

As modern consumer demands and the disruptive impacts of companies like Amazon blur the traditional lines of manufacturing, distribution, and retail, you can trust CCG's expertise and experience to drive innovation and value in your competitive niche. Our customers can attest to the successes from CCG partnerships in the following manufacturing sectors: 



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