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You know your business needs to be in the cloud to compete in today’s rapidly changing world and to prepare for the future. But most in-house IT teams don’t have the time or expertise to migrate, manage and secure your data in the cloud.

Additionally, many Managed Cloud Services providers promise cost savings and better performance when your business moves to the cloud but fail to deliver due to a lack of proactive management.

If you’ve ever experienced run-away spending, performance issues, or have not been immediately notified of security concerns, we feel your pain. CCG’s Managed Cloud Services is the solution. We specialize in cloud strategy, migration, and management, leveraging Microsoft's Azure technologies. 

Cloud costs and performance must be continuously monitored to ensure resources are not being over- or underutilized causing needless spend. It’s also vital to stay current on new cloud offerings and take advantage of upgrades that can further cut costs or drive innovation.

Most important, your cloud needs to be secure, stopping threats in their tracks and preventing costly and reputation-ruining data breaches.

The cloud is not a “set it and forget it” solution. It requires constant vigilance. That's where we come in.


Our aim is to make the cloud easy, secure and cost effective. We take the worry out of managing your cloud investments so you can focus on what you do best. We not only give you the confidence to move to the cloud but provide peace of mind once they get there.

CCG’s cloud experts serve as an extension of your team to directly engage our cloud partners and manage your cloud as if it was our own. Our hands-on, proactive management of your Azure cloud is proven to greatly cut costs, increase performance, identify and eliminate security threats, and help drive your business to new heights.

Proactive Management

Automate time-consuming tasks and avoid migration complexities. Through proactive management, you can anticipate issues and predict spend across data integration, analytics, and hosting services.

Multi-Cloud Support

CCG is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program certified. For organizations finding themselves with a hybrid-cloud environment, we've got you covered.

Continuous Innovation

As cloud services continue to evolve and expand, so do your capabilities. We are well versed across Microsoft's leading technologies to help you stay on the leading edge.

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Your business is unique, and your cloud should reflect your individual needs. CCG will work with your business to assess your specific requirements and create or expand upon a best-in-class cloud environment, and then take an active role in managing and optimizing that environment every day.

The results speak for themselves. Our customers have saved millions of dollars and have reaped the benefits of drastically improved security and performance.

  • Cloud Migration

    Planning to move to the cloud? Our team assesses your current environment, plans out the best migration path for your company and executes a seamless migration leveraging Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime.

  • Dedicated Engineering

    Our team will build, monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure, ensuring security, networking and automation are in place and maintained daily.

  • Cost Optimization

    In order to prevent unnecessary spend, resources must be proactively managed. Our team tracks usage daily and implements automation to dynamically scale and deallocate resources that are not in use.

  • Security

    Securing the cloud is of the utmost importance. We deploy advance threat detection to receive live updates of any threats so we can stop any possible breaches before they begin. We also ensure we build your cloud in compliance with industry regulations and best practices.


Data in the cloud. Feet on the ground.

Our expert engineers work daily to ensure cost, security and performance meet the highest standards. No more over spending, ongoing performance issues, or finding out about security issues weeks after they occurred.

  • Cloud Advisory Services

    A clear strategy and roadmap with implementation services is critical in helping you achieve cloud success. CCG consultants can help you plan and implement this strategy to reach your desired business outcomes.

  • Automation

    We automate time-consuming and recurring tasks to lower needless Azure spending.

  • Monitoring

    Working with our partners, we set up custom monitoring to get ahead of problems before they occur, while keeping the business informed.

  • Cost Optimization

    Never pay for unused or unnecessary resources again. We proactively manage your costs so we can predict spend and lower overall Azure consumption

  • Disaster Recovery

    Whether you are migrating to the cloud or are already there, our team will design and implement a Disaster Recovery plan customized to meet your business RPO/RTO needs.

  • Architecture

    As your cloud environment grows, our team will ensure mature scaffolding is incorporated and take the lead on designing new resources being migrated to the cloud.
  • Innovation

    As Azure grows, so does its offerings. Working directly with Microsoft as Gold Partner and MSP, so we stay up-to-date and determine if new offerings make sense for your business. This can lead to performance increases, cost savings and new capabilities.


CCG offers the skills, deep expertise and people you need to reliably run and manage your cloud deployment.

  • Experts in the Data Analytics Space

    CCG has been solely dedicated to the data analytics space for over 10 years empowering our clients with a variety of expert services including cloud strategy, cloud migration and managed cloud services.

  • Deep Azure Experience

    Our team of cloud engineers have a direct partnership with Microsoft, and our experience and expertise in Azure is unparalleled.

  • Azure Enterprise Scaffolding

    With CCG’s Cloud Managed Services, your Azure cloud will be maintained to the highest standards recommended by Microsoft, including governance, security, performance, cost and availability.

  • Experienced Dedicated Engineers

    CCG’s Cloud Management team is built around excellent customer service. You will have a dedicated engineer assigned to monitor and maintain your cloud, as well as the ability to collaborate with many of our other experts.

  • Migrations Made Easy

    Migrating to the cloud can be a big undertaking, but our team makes it as easy and painless as possible. We will work with your business directly to architect and migrate resources to the cloud, and set you up for success.


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