Drive Innovation and Growth with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Data is only valuable if you can use it.

In today’s data-driven world, it’s vital that businesses leverage the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to gain actionable insights and remain competitive. Those that don’t adapt won’t survive.

Many companies think that just hiring a data scientist will bring them up to speed, only to find that doesn’t provide the ROI they were hoping for. A data scientist may focus on use cases that don’t provide necessary value to the business, or their outputs may be too academic to use in day-to-day processes.

Ultimately, the insights gained via data science and advanced analytics should be readily available to all key players in your business – not just data scientists or analysts. That way your business can be proactive instead of reactive, making smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to a better bottom line and a better future.

At CCG, we understand there is a human component to every technical initiative. We focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics your team can easily access and use.

If you want to create the ideal environment to establish advanced analytics that scale as your business grows, maximize your technology investments, and unify your organization across departments to reach a common goal, CCG can help.

This is what we do.


Advanced analytics provide valuable insights which enable your organization to make better, smarter, more consistent decisions. Unlike reporting of the past, advanced analytics techniques can provide insight into the future (predictive analytics) or intelligently suggest next steps (prescriptive analytics). At CCG, we can help you take your first steps into the world of advanced analytics, build state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence agents, and scale your data science operations to transform your business.

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In just 6 weeks, CCG can help you find opportunities to leverage predictive analytics, develop a prototype predictive application, and identify opportunities to act on the findings.

Deliverables for our RapidInsight solution include:

  • Identification of key use cases
  • Development of prototype model
  • Ownership of prototype model
  • Summary of model outputs and maintenance guidance
  • Detailed materials covering our findings and recommendations

This analytics proof of concept can help you discover what’s possible, whether it is exploring your data to find new patterns, improving your forecasts, automating decisions, or helping build the business justification for advanced analytics.

Models as a Service

One often-overlooked aspect of advanced analytics is how models can degrade over time as relationships in the data change. CCG’s Model as a Service solution offers a three-part framework to elevate the long-term performance of your predictive models.

Model Hosting

We will host the model and make it available via batch job or a secure REST API for your application team to hook into without the need to re-code. We can also support integration within your environment.

Performance Tracking

We set model accuracy SLAs and build model telemetry dashboards to make sure the information you’re using is as good as possible. By comparing historic model outputs with actual results, we can identify problem areas or blind spots where the model may require adjusting.

Ongoing Management

We can handle the ongoing work of monitoring and fine-tuning your models so your data scientists can focus on what they do best: building new models. We’ll also conduct model re-engineering on a scheduled basis to incorporate new features into models as your business evolves.


Partnering with CCG on data science solutions and services provides multiple benefits, including:

Focus on Value

  • Technologists with a business-first mindset
  • Relentless attention to value drivers from start to finish

Cutting-Edge Skills

  • Innovative professionals with deep statistics and machine learning knowledge
  • Expertise in leading data science platforms

Education, Adoption, and Enablement

  • Focus on usability and explainability, even for highly technical solutions
  • Executive-friendly education along the way


CCG is uniquely positioned as a data science leader backed by rich consulting skills, technical knowledge, and best-in-class solution partners. Here are just a few of our differentiators:

  • Deep Technical Knowledge of Advanced AI Concepts

    Our Data Scientists are experienced at designing AI solutions, leveraging custom model design and technologies.

  • Machine Learning Operations and Governance

    As strategic consultants, we have deep knowledge in the model management processes that help solutions stand the test of time.

  • Supported by Technology Partners Across the US

    We look at your company’s individual software needs and requirements to craft a solution that works specifically for you. We also partner with highly-ranked software companies to deliver both strategy and technology guidance.

  • Focus on Data and Analytics Solutions

    CCG has the ability to customize a solution based on the needs of your business through any stage of analytics maturity, looking across data architecture, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.

  • Deep Understanding of Analytics Adoption

    CCG understands the people behind the technologies, allowing us to create a solution based on your organizational structure and needs.

  • Solutions for the Long Term

    CCG can help you launch, maintain, and elevate your data science implementations for long-term success.


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