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In an era of overwhelming data growth and digital transformation, the need for a mature Data Governance and Data Management program is not just an opportunity for increased efficiency, it is critical to business growth and innovation.

If you’ve previously had a failed Data Governance initiative, find yourself questioning which data is sensitive, or just inherited a disorganized mess, we understand and are here to help.

Data Governance and Data Management is a living, breathing component of your data strategy. It requires a solution that is specific to your business needs. If you're building a Center of Excellence and are looking for a Data Governance Solution that will empower users, minimize risks, and increase revenue, we are here to help.

Our proven model of success.

It’s a catch-22: You want to reach your corporate goals and objectives quickly, but you know that longer, more comprehensive assessments provide better results. This is why CCG has created a tried and true framework for Data Governance and comprehensive services for Data Management. These offerings enable your organization to assess data faster - with a simplified, targeted methodology - deriving actionable insights that can quickly be implemented with minimal disruption to your business.

A successful Data Governance and Data Management program will benefit your organization with a clear data ownership model, more reliable data, faster insights and overall increased operational efficiency. It has the power to unify IT and your business behind one common goal and foster cross-functional collaboration at levels previously not thought possible.

Success Stories

Better governance leads to increased efficiencies.

Data Governance is the organizational approach to data and information management, formalized as policies and procedures that encompass data’s full life cycle, including acquisition, development, use and disposal.

CCG’s Data Governance methodology establishes five proven competencies that are the backbone of our framework:

  • Program Management/Optimization

    The organization of resources and employees to achieve business goals through action items, processes and policies.

  • Metadata Management

    The behavioral model that administers and manages an organization’s metadata resources.

  • Data Architecture

    The policies and procedures that govern and define the type of data collected and how it is used, stored, managed and integrated within an organization.

  • Data Quality

    The ongoing maintenance of data to ensure completeness and accuracy.

  • Data Privacy

    The practice of ensuring appropriate controls around data to greatly reduce risk.

These competencies, broken down into key markers, allow for streamlined assessment and manageable implementation.

A full Data Governance engagement is a comprehensive process that aligns with your business’ strategic goals. With CCG’s service offering, you receive expert level analysis covering 25 areas within the Data Governance function. This analysis enables organizations to see the maturity of their current governance structure and guides future planning based on the strongest needs of the business. After analysis is complete, we roll out a strategic roadmap and operational model for moving forward.
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If your organization is looking for smaller scale engagement that quickly adds value, look to our accelerated Data Governance (DG) solution – RapidDG. RapidDG is a six-week engagement that focuses on the specific needs of your business while yielding powerful results. The components covered in a RapidDG engagement include:

  • Data Governance Program Set Up

    Evaluation and detailed recommendation of current DG program with feedback on roles and responsibilities (people), processes, technology and data.

  • Actionable Roadmap Development

    2-year roadmap development detailing the milestones and requirements based on your DG maturity. Documentation also includes essential tools, templates, and advisory services needed to manage a DG program.

  • Operating Model Enablement

    Creation of an operational system, based on CCG’s expertise and your organization’s focus and knowledge, that defines and establishes a sustainable DG program. We review and prioritize tasks (including policies and procedures) and assess needs based on our established DG framework.       

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Manage your data and maximize its impact.

Data Management is the administrative process of acquiring, validating, storing and protecting data with adherence to the governing body.

Beneath Data Management are individual concepts that are fundamental to the way your business organizes, stores and processes data. CCG offers specific Data Management solutions such as:

  • Data Quality Assessments – Evaluations of factors such as data accuracy, completeness, reliability and relevance.
  • Data Architecture Standards Analysis – Specifications used to describe your existing state, define data requirements, guide data integration and control assets within a data strategy. An example of a Data Architecture Standard is the quality of a Logistical Data Model.
  • Metadata Management – Data about data, such as how, when, and by whom a set of data was collected and formatted. Examples of Metadata include acronym levels and classification names.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) or Reference Data Management – A comprehensive method that enables an enterprise to link all of its critical data to a common point of reference. Examples of Master Data include product catalogs or transactions.

Empower users, increase revenue, cut costs and minimize risks.

Launching a Data Governance and/or Data Management initiative not only empowers all users, giving business stakeholders a larger voice on how their data is presented and managed, it also yields tangible business and IT benefits that include:

Increase Revenue

  • Rapidly leverage information for business insights and competitive advantage
  • Improve profitability with better analytics for enhanced decision making

Reduce Cost Through Operational Efficiencies

  • Standardize and strengthen high quality information
  • Lower steep IT cost
  • Facilitate business processes

Minimize Risk

  • Reduce regulatory compliance risk and improve confidence in operational and management decisions
  • Provide better insights into fraud with improved analytics
  • Augment reporting to regulators and authorities through defined data processes

Take your data governance and management to the next level with CCG

CCG provides unique competencies that combine the best Data Governance and Management delivery with strategy, development and implementation.

  • Leverage our Expertise to Provide Accelerated Value

    Our unique methodology was crafted to create rapid value quickly, so your business can reach your corporate goals faster.

  • Industry-specific Experience in Data Governance and Management Initiatives

    Our team members have deep knowledge in managing data solutions across industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Professional Services and more.

  • Supported by Top Technology Partners across the US

    We look at your company’s individual software needs and requirements to issue a solution that works specifically for you. We also partner with highly ranked software companies to provide both strategic and technological guidance.

  • Ability to Deliver Centralized Data Governance Solutions

    CCG’s business-minded technologists work across multiple applications to deliver a centralized source for Data Governance and Management, promoting self-service and a single source of truth across your organization.

  • Strong Understanding of Human Behavior and Analytics Adoption

    CCG’s experience in understanding the people behind the technologies allows us to customize a solution based on your organizational structure and needs.

  • Much More than Systems Deployment

    From assessments and strategic planning through technical services and support, the CCG team is focused on helping you realize measurable business outcomes.


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