Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics

Effective enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics can deliver actionable insights to enable fast, informed decisions that help improve business operations, strengthen performance, and drive growth.

Analytics Should Accelerate Your Business, Not Slow it Down

While most companies today have an abundance of data, many lack the ability to translate that data into useful insights that can help drive their business, minimize risk and propel growth.

For many organizations, data is housed in multiple systems or siloed within departments, making it virtually impossible to have a cohesive, accurate view of the entire enterprise.

Outdated or inadequate analytics systems can also bog down the path to action, creating long IT request lines. In a world when decisions must be made quickly, waiting in line for answers can come at a high cost.

All of this can lead to organizational paralysis. But to succeed, today’s businesses must be fast, agile, and ready to make real-time, data-driven decisions. You need a data and analytics platform that can provide self-service across all departments and reliable answers to your most mission-critical questions.

Fortunately, CCG can help. This is where we excel.

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Data Architecture

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Data Management

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Data Modeling

Business Intelligence refers to the technologies, applications, and practices for collection, integration, analysis and presentation of information for a business.

In order for BI to provide the most accurate and actionable insights, you must first build a solid data foundation – one that uses clean, reliable data that is regularly maintained and managed; a strategic, scalable architecture; and where data is aggregated and centralized for easy access and self-service reporting.

CCG understands how to do this – we evaluate your current data landscape and use cases, determine acceptance and success factors, and ensure that both your strategic and technology objectives are met.

Some of our key data services include:

With a pragmatic, solid data plan and structure in place, you can rest assured that your BI initiatives will provide you with the accurate insights to help your business thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Let CCG help you build a data foundation you can trust.

Analytics & Dashboard Development

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The key to any BI initiative is having a strong analytics strategy, a roadmap to put that strategy into action, and a custom dashboard that quickly and easily conveys the story their data needs to tell. CCG provides a wide range of analytics services that support your BI initiatives including:

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    BI Solution Design, Development, and Implementation
    While RapidDash can quickly provide your business with actionable insights, your business may require a more robust, enterprise-level solution. CCG’s BI experts can design, develop and implement larger-scale BI solutions that are customized to your unique needs. 
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    BI Training
    From our popular Dashboard in a Day training to Advanced User and Administration Level training, CCG’s BI experts educate your technical and non-technical team members with your own data for better visibility, education, and empowerment. 
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    BI Strategy Assessment
    An overall assessment of your organization’s current technologies, people and processes, as well as knowledge of your business goals and analytic needs, can help us recommend a BI strategy and platform that is right for you.
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    Reports Migration
    CCG can assess your legacy reporting system and strategically plan how to successfully migrate your current reports into a new BI platform – such as Power BI. 
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    Data Governance Icon with CircleData Governance

    Proper data governance not only ensures that there are consistent rules in place surrounding data collection, storage, management, and integration; it also puts security controls in place to protect privacy and reduce risk. Learn more.


From Whiteboard to Dashboard in a Flash

RapidDash is a solution that leverages the capabilities of Microsoft's Power BI to empower functional business intelligence in your organization by concentrating on a single use case.

CCG focuses on the needs of your business by holding executive workshops to uncover the data challenges limiting your teams to succeed. Next, our industry experts work alongside your team members to deliver strategic guidance to solve the common data challenge and bring insights to life through compelling data visualizations/custom dashboards. All in just six weeks.

RapidDash enables you to align your data and analytics strategy with your organization’s business strategy and prioritize resources and investments to drive business value and outcomes for the organization. Components of a RapidDash engagement includes:

 Business-led, governed data discovery and use case inventory – provides a voice to cross-functional teams for reporting and analytics capabilities

 Self-Service Model Development crafts a repeatable model to deploy analytics that address your most mission-critical questions

➤ Platform Validation – performs a detailed review of your company’s current stack of technologies spanning data sourcing, integration, storage, and visualizations

➤ Weekly, iterative, visual releases – guides cross-functional teams from whiteboard to dashboard in six weeks with visual artifacts that guarantee alignment along the way

Why you Should Capitalize on the Power of BI

Partnering with CCG on BI and analytic solutions and services provides your business with multiple benefits, enabling you to:

  • Gain Valuable Business Insights

    Gather real-time data on common KPIs or create custom reports specific to your business needs to help you make decisions with confidence.

  • Centralize Your Data & Encourage Analytics Adoption

    Provide employees with direct access to reliable, cohesive data and empower them with the ability to ask and find answers to their own questions.

  • Track and Manage Performance Goals

    Immediately identify problems to quickly course-correct and see where your organizational strengths lie.

  • Attain Sales Intelligence

    Discover untapped opportunities, maximize sales, and gain factual, compelling support for pitches.

  • Enable Self Service & Operational Efficiency 

    Get data in the hands of users through self-service, reduce time spent on repetitive operational or administrative work, identify bottlenecks or waste, and streamline processes.

  • Get a Competitive Edge

    Achieve a powerful advantage over competitors still facing the challenges associated with outdated, fragmented, siloed data and analytics platforms.

Unparalleled Expertise in BI and Analytics

CCG is a leader in BI and analytics services and solutions, backed by rich consulting skills, technical knowledge, and a breadth of experience with enterprise-level businesses across the country. Here are just a few of our differentiators:

  • 1

    Focus on data and analytics solutions

    CCG is on the leading edge of implementing innovative data and analytics solutions. Leveraging our 18+ years of data and analytics implementations, CCG brings BI expertise, experience, and thought leadership to customize a solution based on the needs of your business.

  • 2

    Ability to deliver a centralized analytics platform

    CCG's business-minded technologists can integrate data across multiple applications and systems to deliver a centralized analytics platform, tailored to your business’ unique needs and objectives.

  • 3

    Provide accelerated value

    Our unique RapidDash solution was crafted to create rapid value, so your business can reach your corporate goals faster. With a wealth of experience across hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, we know how to combine our data services and analytics solutions to truly impact your business quickly.

  • 4

    Strong understanding of human behavior & analytics adoption

    CCG’s experience in understanding the people behind the technologies allows us to customize a solution based on your organizational structure and needs.

  • 5

    A Microsoft Gold Partner with a stellar reputation

    We specialize in Azure and are extremely proficient in implementing Power BI, a tool that can easily integrate with existing systems and provide visual, custom dashboards, user-friendly self-service, and enterprise data analytics.

  • 6

    Experts at bringing separate departments and disparate data together

    CCG brings a trusted approach to BI and analytics implementation and can help unify different departments – and multiple sources of data – to ensure a cohesive transformation in the organization.


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