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Elevate the customer experience and dominate the retail omnichannel market.


Do you know who your best customers are and how to keep them?

Omnichannel retailers are communicating with customers through exponentially more touch points. These interactions are often viewed and tracked separately, making it difficult to get fast, accurate data on customers and their behaviors, let alone know who your best, most valuable customers are over the course of time.

That’s why we developed CI for Retail.


CI for Retail Succeeds Where Other Analytics Solutions Have Failed

Customer Intelligence (CI) for Retail is an analytics platform for retailers who want to elevate the customer experience and dominate the retail omnichannel market. The solution quickly consolidates and analyzes data from all systems and applications for access to a complete view of the customer – empowering informed, measurable decision-making throughout the entire organization.

With CI for Retail, you gain:

  • Visibility to Uncover New Business Insights

    Being a savvy, customer-centric retailer means having a clear understanding of who your customers really are. CI for Retail provides access to a complete view of the omnichannel customer, including buying behaviors, preferences and interactions for “aha” moments of visibility.

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  • Data You Can Trust

    A gut-feel approach to customer campaigns and targeting frequently yields frustrating, lackluster results. Designed for marketers, CI for Retail helps you transform best-guess scenarios into proactive, informed decisions with real-time analytics, easy-to-use dashboards and self-service reporting for less reliance on IT.

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  • One Solution for Greater Agility

    Marketers often use multiple spreadsheets to manage campaign data, customer preferences and sales information. CI for Retail replaces disparate customer data with a single, unified solution that can be seamlessly integrated with leading third-party platforms.

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  • Optimized Customer Journeys

    Retailers lack the tools that enable them to focus on net-new acquisition rather than viewing the entire journey. CI for Retail enables you to see and measure who your best customers are, along with their lifetime value, so you can offer personalized experiences that enhance brand loyalty.

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  • Cross-Department Synchronization

    A lack of centralized customer data makes it virtually impossible to extends valuable insights from marketing and sales throughout the rest of the organization. CI for Retail connects customer intelligence across every retail function, from Finance and eCommerce to Merchandising and Real Estate.
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A complete view of the omnichannel customer

CI for Retail gives retailers access to a complete view of the omnichannel customer by consolidating and analyzing data from all systems and applications. CI replaces best-guess targeting and campaigns with a unified solution, enabling self-service reporting and informed decision-making based on measurable customer acquisition and growth. Unlike other marketing analytics solutions that are complex to navigate and integrate, CI operates as a platform that helps to uncover new business insights, easily identify your most valuable customers and quickly extend reliable data throughout every department, creating a truly customer-centric organization.


Common retail analytic scenarios can be easily created to yield immediate insights and benefits to the entire organization.

Having data and analytics you can trust in an easy to understand reporting format can have a transformational impact on your business - allowing finance, sales, real estate planning, ecommerce and store operations to all gain trusted and transformative insights by understanding their customers’ behaviors.

  • Monitor Health of Customer Growth
  • Segment Customers on Interests in Products
  • Analyze Spending Migration of Customer Groups
  • Explore Seasonal Nuances of Merchandise
  • Identify Channel Preferences of Each Customer
  • Determine Customer Profitability

Keep tabs on the acquisition, growth and retention of your customer base to ensure your direct to consumer marketing efforts are driving positive results.

Apply category propensities to tiers of customers to clarify loyalty levels among certain product lines in order to better identify the kinds of incentives that will drive spending.

Visualize the customer migration journeys specific to spending levels over time, to better identify opportunities and threats to specific spending tiers of customers.

Understand which categories of products are prone to seasonal differences in purchase behavior by geography, to better align marketing and merchandising efforts to the propensity of consumers to buy those categories.

Understand who among your customer base is aligned to certain sales channels in order to better calibrate customer outreach efforts within the channels best suited for specific customers to engage.

Identify profitability of customer spending segments to better understand who among the customer base may have purchases that are over subsidized, to better optimize the direct to consumer promotions/marketing spending.


Developed on Microsoft’s Cloud Technologies for a flexible, turnkey, customer-centric platform.

CI for Retail leverages Microsoft’s leading cloud, AI and machine learning technologies to offer a flexible, customer-centric platform developed for the unique analytics needs of retailers. Azure Data Warehouse is at the center of CI for Retail’s hub, and Power BI provides front-end reporting and advanced data visualizations supported by monthly releases for continuous product advancement.

CCG is dedicated to empowering enterprises with innovative data management, retail-specific analytics solutions, and high-touch cloud services. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we provide our customers with technologies made specifically for your industry, department, and team. Our data strategists specialize in every aspect of the data ecosystem, from platform modernization and cloud management to data science and artificial intelligence. Partnering with CCG through CI for Retail allows organizations to enhance analytics adoption, remove reliance on IT, and get answers to core business challenges.

CI for Retail is built to scale with your business, and unlike other enterprise data warehouse systems that can take years to implement, you can be up and running with CI for Retail in just 13 weeks.

Strategic services options to build customized solution based on your organizations technology stack and specific customer intelligence goals.

CI for Retail can also be customized to suit your unique business needs and customer intelligence and insights goals. CCG has deep experience in building custom CI solutions for a variety of retail clients, and now you can leverage the best of both words – the turnkey advantages of CI for Retail Platform custom built on your IP or technology stack, still at a fraction of the time and cost of development or design of your own custom system.


CCG provides unique competencies that combine the best of analytics service and solution delivery with development, implementation and support of turnkey platforms and software.

  • Leverage our Prebuilt Retail Solution and Expert Implementation

    Our collective core competencies and learnings across decades of designing, building and maintaining data architectures in the Garter Magic Quadrant Leader Microsoft stack is now delivered within our own offering – at a fraction of the time and cost of a custom implementation.

  • Deep Experience in Retail

    Our retail solutions were designed specifically to address the lessons we have learned from hundreds of retail implementations - spanning a range of projects that include loyalty marketing, customer intelligence, marketing automation, retail consulting, and more.

  • Artificial Intelligence R&D

    Our expert data scientists serve as an accessible R&D factory for retail-specific data models and algorithms that are incorporated into our platform.

  • Ability to Deliver a Centralized Advanced Analytics Platform

    CCG's business-minded technologists can integrate data across multiple applications and systems to deliver a centralized advanced analytics platform, tailored to a retailer's unique needs.

  • Deep Experience Understanding Human Behavior and the Customer Experience

    Knowledge of industry-specific trends and challenges is critical when implementing transformational technologies, but CCG also has deep experience in understanding human behaviors and their influence on the customer experience.

  • Much more than just Systems Deployment

    CCG offers more than systems deployment. From discovery and strategic planning through technical service and support, the CCG team is focused on helping you realize measurable business outcomes.


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