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Today’s businesses require ever-increasing levels of speed and agility to compete and survive. The explosion of data, internet enabled devices (IOT), artificial intelligence and augmented analytics are forcing companies to adapt quickly to remain competitive.

As a result, business stakeholders expect IT to become an enabler, if not an accelerator, for digital transformation and success. The agile business requires agile IT, and nothing enables IT agility more than the cloud.

While many organizations are eager to transition to the cloud, it can be difficult to know where to start. Businesses need a trusted partner that can help you build a cloud migration strategy that optimizes IT, facilitates the business, and minimizes disruption along the way. Knowing which cloud services/platforms best enable the business’ specific capabilities requires a deep understanding of the cloud, its use cases, and the underlying business drivers.

That’s where we come in.

By utilizing the cloud, business leaders can drive innovation, achieve business objectives more quickly and efficiently, improve IT’s responsiveness while reducing costs, and activate the deployment and adoption of analytics to gain valuable business insights across the organization.


As the cloud data and analytics experts, CCG can help you craft a cloud strategy that puts data at the center of all that you do. We’ll help you build a cloud strategy that is tightly aligned with your business goals, create and execute a seamless migration plan that enables critical business outcomes, and manage and optimize your cloud services to ensure savings, security and agility.

Our solution delivers:

A faster and more responsive IT

The cloud enables innovation due to the speed and ease of provisioning new capabilities and the low cost of failure. Cloud technologies allow for more advanced capabilities (IOT, AI, advanced analytics) that would take longer and cost more to provision on-premise.

The power of AI

Artificial Intelligence, now viewed by most CIOs as the #1 most impactful technology, is fueled by capabilities than can only be delivered through cloud technologies. AI requires data, processing, and capacity that are delivered almost exclusively through cloud services. Businesses wanting to integrate AI into their offerings will need both a clear cloud strategy as well as a strong competency in data and advanced analytics.

Analytics at scale

The explosion of data requires organizations to move away from traditional analytical methods and instead leverage platforms that scale for IOT and other big data workloads. Running today’s heavy-duty analytics requires the ability to rapidly scale up and down to deliver compute power as needed.

Greater efficiency and cost optimization

Cloud frees up IT from the tedious tasks of managing data center assets so they can focus on becoming valuable partners in driving business innovation. Through the cloud, IT organizations can streamline their operational processes, more quickly provision new resources, manage and constrain costs, and virtually eliminate time-consuming hardware maintenance.

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Cloud Solution and Service Offers

CCG’s Cloud Strategy and Migration solution provides a comprehensive approach to accelerating your cloud journey through a business-focused strategy, a smart, pragmatic approach to migration, high-touch, expert cloud management, and custom platform modernization. All of which work together to empower your business to make the most of your data, cut costs, increase efficiencies, and create a more innovative, agile and data-driven organization.

Discover our cloud service offerings and see what cloud can do for you.

Cloud Strategy

Every cloud journey must start with a clear strategy that defines how the cloud fits into your overall business strategy. You must first understand your business’ key goals so you can determine how best to leverage the cloud to enable and accelerate your path to success.

There are many benefits to the cloud, but not every organization has the same motivations. Just blindly moving your resources to the cloud without a plan will not produce the results you want. You must first build a cloud strategy that takes into consideration how exactly the cloud will deliver value to your business.

CCG can help you craft an effective cloud strategy that is tightly aligned with your business goals, so you can reach those goals faster and easier than ever before.

Cloud Migration

Build a Roadmap

Once your cloud strategy is established, we can begin the process of designing a detailed cloud migration roadmap to help you successfully navigate the migration process. Our approach to creating this roadmap involves a four-step process:

  • Discover – Develop a full understanding of the existing infrastructure, systems and applications that will be moved to the cloud, as well as the context and goals surrounding you.
  • Assess – Perform a full assessment of your workload inventory, determining whether each workload should be retained on-premises, rehosted in the cloud, replaced with a SaaS application, rearchitected or retired.
  • Plan – Build a prioritized roadmap to ensure a smart, pragmatic approach that considers business outcomes, technical drivers and limitations, migration feasibility and cost/benefit for each workload.
  • Commit – Define the success metrics for each workload migration, ensuring all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the business value and can confidently support the migration effort.

Make Your Move

With your migration roadmap complete, it’s time to begin the actual work of moving to the cloud. CCG’s team of experienced, certified cloud engineers will ensure your cloud migration is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

Utilizing best practices, we will build your cloud scaffolding and architect your resources, optimizing for security and performance. Your cloud will be built to ensure cost transparency, ease of maintenance and flexibility to grow with your organization.

We understand the importance of success, especially when you’re new to adopting cloud technologies. CCG will ensure your migration is completed on time while minimizing business impact and eliminating surprises along the way.

Cloud Management

Your business is unique, and your cloud should reflect your individual needs. CCG will work with your business to assess your specific requirements and create or expand upon a best-in-class cloud environment, and then take an active role in managing and optimizing that environment every day.

Read more about our Managed Cloud Services.

Platform Modernization

When it comes to modernizing data analytics platforms, CCG has the experience and expertise to deploy advanced cloud solutions to support nearly any data and analytics use case. Whether its streaming, IOT, unstructured or traditional use cases, CCG knows data analytics and we can design the right architecture for your needs. Our platform modernization solution is the first step in creating a modern digital business platform connecting customers, employees, partners and “things” (IoT).

There are many choices to make when modernizing your data estate. CCG has the expertise to help you navigate these choices to select the right technology – taking cost, performance, features, productivity, and product roadmaps into consideration.

Data analytics is at the heart of business-critical digital transformation initiatives. Trust your data platform modernization effort to the cloud data and analytics experts.


The benefits to partnering with CCG on your cloud strategy, migration, and management are many. Our comprehensive and customized cloud strategy will focus on the achievement of your business objectives. And our migration roadmap will walk you through your transition to cloud – providing a smart migration plan that minimizes disruption to your business.

Benefits to working with us include:

  • A single experienced partner, so you can make your cloud journey with confidence
  • An approach focused on delivering business outcomes, not just moving servers
  • A comprehensive strategy that unites the needs and demands of the business with IT
  • Expert engineering that provides peace of mind
  • Delivery of the promised benefits of the cloud including cost optimization, IT agility, security, and innovation
  • A forward-thinking, data-centric result – your cloud will be designed with data and analytics at the forefront to ensure readiness for future digital transformation initiatives


  • 1

    Strategy Experts

    For over 18 years, CCG has helped companies of all sizes build data and analytics strategies supporting both business and IT goals. Our pragmatic approach to building a strategy brings alignment and focus to the organization to help move the business forward quickly.

  • 2

    Azure Expertise

    We are MSFT Gold Partners specializing in Azure, allowing us to stay on top of the rapid changes in the Azure landscape and provide our customers with the best service and advice possible.

  • 3

    Dedicated Engineers

    CCG assigns a dedicated cloud engineer for every customer ensuring that you have a consistent, single point of contact throughout your cloud journey.

  • 4

    Knowledge Across Cloud Vendors

    CCG has a wealth of knowledge and experience with multiple cloud vendors and platforms, so we can make informed technology recommendations for your organization, based on your existing tech stack and business needs.

  • 5

    Data & Analytics Expertise

    CCG is on the leading edge of implementing innovative data and analytics solutions. Leveraging our 18+ years of data and analytics implementations, CCG brings expertise, experience and thought-leadership to ensure your cloud is engineered with data and analytics in mind from the start.


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