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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In an era of overwhelming data growth, constantly evolving technology attempting to respond and transform in an age of digital transformation across all lines of business, the need for a strong and universally understood analytics strategy is not just an opportunity for efficiency, it is a critical asset to success.

Many organizations fail in implementing transformational analytics initiatives because they lack a clear vision of where they want to go, and an actionable roadmap to get there. Driving true business value and competitive advantage through developing an analytics strategy and vision, and a data-driven analytics culture to get there, is one of the primary keys to success and can generate significant ROI in analytics investment when done properly.

It’s time to develop a strategy for investing in people and technology to deploy data in a meaningful and useful way. All departments must collaborate to build a plan for empowering business decision makers with the information they need.

Technology is only a part of the equation. People, process and data challenges are almost always at the root of lagging or inefficient analytics and business intelligence initiatives. Creating a clear, prioritized and aligned strategic roadmap is no longer a luxury, it is a required asset to reaching your strategic goals and becoming a data-driven organization.

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There are many catalysts for a company going through an analytics strategy process. Maybe its deciphering whether your organization has the proper analytics platform and tools, or determination of how to support a BI initiative, or perhaps creating a data governance strategy. Regardless of the targeted outcome, your analytics strategy should be tailored to the specific business challenges the organization faces.

It should thoroughly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s People, Process, Technology and Data, aligning that to a company’s Vision for analytics and business intelligence and finally creating a clear and actionable Roadmap that demonstrates the path to reaching that Vision.

CCG has developed a proven methodology for establishing a personalized and actionable analytics strategy spanning the core activities of Assessment, Vision & Roadmap (AVR). It is an engagement model that guides an organization through an enhanced gap analysis which results in a business intelligence and analytics roadmap for success that is demonstrable, executable and measurable.

In other words, it gets results.



Helps you identify your current capabilities and includes a comprehensive audit of your people, processes, technology and data. Assessments will be conducted via interviews, documentation, data profiling and system analysis.



Takes all departments into account and their aspirations for the future. Through interviews and stakeholder workshops, a vision statement will be created, approved and evangelized, providing invaluable direction for your organization.



Closes the gap between today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s innovations – creating an actionable plan to get your organization where it needs to go. This will clearly outline a set of prioritized projects, the action items that will bring them to fruition and the benefits to your company.

Our expert team works with you to frame a realistic destination, isolate the factors that are holding you back, and create a customized roadmap with the best route forward. You’ll receive a customized roadmap that provides cost and timing certainty for your next big analytics effort. Never settle on an expensive document as a “strategy” again. Get ready for true digital transformation.





Before you can determine where you want to go or how to get there, you must first understand where you’re coming from. The assessment step of analytics strategy development is an internal analysis that will help paint a picture of your organization as it stands today.

While most analytics strategies tend to primarily focus on technology, a good strategy must encompass more than just technology to be effective. We believe that people are the most important element of a BI and analytics initiative, because data has no power without people. Transforming into a data-driven organization requires change, in leadership and culture, and to drive change you need change agents.

  • Process


    It’s clear that the work of taking data and turning it into insight must be efficient and effective.

    Lack of clarity on where to pull core measures, lack of education on how to use your current BI and analytics tools, lack of a dedicated team to support user questions—these are all indications that your organization is not set up properly to deliver analytics or that the organizational structure is either incomplete, or non-existent, in function.

    It is crucial at this stage of assessment that you continue to engage people outside of your IT department to better understand the cadence of BI requests, sources of compounding data, and other influencing variables from various audiences. BI and analytics strategy must be aligned with the corporate strategy and must have business support.

  • Technology


    While people and process are crucial to getting you from point A to point B, those two factors alone won’t get you to your destination. You need a vehicle that’s been built by experts who know how to maximize horsepower and efficiency.

    In BI and analytics, it’s a blend of many software components, optimized architectures, hybrid infrastructures for storage and global processing, simple delivery platforms, ticket tracking systems, an ecosystem of talent, and many other technologies that need to be configured optimally to run efficiently.

    Many organizations start a conversation by asking, “What is the best BI tool?” Instead, they should be asking, “What is your highest value use case for a BI tool that you cannot do today?” Technology enables your business to drive insights.

  • People


    The people on your team will ultimately be evangelizing and executing your analytics strategy, so you must factor in their skills and abilities for deploying any initiative.

    Companies today must consider the maturity of the audience they are preparing to deploy BI capabilities within before offering solutions. There may be business units that only need simple monthly dashboards, while others would excel with the use of self-service advanced analytics.

  • Data


    Data, the fuel for any analytics and BI effort, is growing at a substantial and unprecedented rate and has traditionally been managed and architected for transactional purposes and not for analysis.

    It is important to assess not only the data quality and integrity of each primary source system, but also to understand the data culture and what practices are in place for sharing, managing and entering data. While the responsibility to blend, mine, refine, and distribute data resides with your analytics team, the burden impacts your entire organization. Bad or insufficient data will starve processes and results.

  • People

    Data Governance

    With the massive volume of data being generated by today’s businesses, it’s more important than ever to have formalized policies and procedures in place to govern that data – from acquisition and development, to utilization and disposal.

    Proper data governance not only ensures that there are consistent rules in place surrounding data collection, storage, management and integration, it also puts security controls in place to protect privacy and reduce risk. To learn more about how our data governance services can help increase efficiencies, growth and innovation in your company, visit our Data Governance & Data Management page.



A good vision serves as the destination for your analytics strategy journey. It aligns all towards a common goal and inspires creativity, ultimately securing better business outcomes. It illustrates in business terms how the four pillars from the assessment can influence business performance. create a vision that aligns with your broader corporate strategies and capabilities.

When working with you to craft your new vision statement, we always avoid vague or overly technical vocabulary. We focus on defining a vision for business outcomes that can be supported by analytics and business intelligence initiatives - starting by asking these two questions:

  • What would you like to be able to do with data/ information that you cannot do today?
  • How would that transform the way you do business?



Once a Vision is in place, and an organization understands where they stand both currently and progressively across people, processes, technology and data, you have identified your gap. Now it’s time to craft your analytics strategy Roadmap to close that gap.

Your Roadmap is a planned and prioritized series of initiatives, including required processes and organizational development, that drives your organization towards an agreed upon vision of a successful future state.

In a literal sense, the Roadmap should resemble a Gantt chart that maps out projects in chronological order, prioritized by urgency, ease and bandwidth, with clearly identified milestones, metrics for success and demonstrable business benefit. The length of your roadmap can only be as long as the time it takes you to accomplish your Vision.

CCG will act as objective advisors throughout your entire Assessment, Vision and Roadmap process, assessing data, performing interviews and evaluating investments, while applying our industry expertise to craft your unique strategy for success.


Analytics Strategy & Roadmap Accelerator

Many organizations don’t want to spend the time and resources to embark on a full analytics strategy AVR process that can take several months. That’s why we developed RapidRoadmap, our fixed 6-week Analytics Strategy accelerator.

Similar to our full Strategy AVR approach, RapidRoadmap is an abbreviated, yet highly effective process that increases the ROI of data and analytic initiatives by ensuring they are hyper-focused, done with purpose, and with the larger vision of the organization in mind.

RapidRoadmap enables organizations to create strategic alignment for their data and analytics strategy by making informed decisions based on our tried and true focus on Assessment, Vision and Roadmap development and delivery. Includes:



  • Data assessment of models, quality and architecture
  • Technical assessment of BI, ETL, analytics and cloud readiness
  • People assessment of skills and organizational alignment
  • Process assessment, including governance, centers of excellence, and more


Takes all departments into account and their aspirations for the future. Through interviews and stakeholder workshops, a vision statement will be created, approved and evangelized, providing invaluable direction for your organization.



Closes the gap between today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s innovations – creating an actionable plan to get your organization where it needs to go. This will clearly outline a set of prioritized projects, the action items that will bring them to fruition and the benefits to your company.


Download our eBook — How to Create an Actionable Analytics Strategy & Roadmap — and we’ll walk you through our proven AVR methodology designed to yield powerful results faster than you thought possible.


Maturity Assessment

Capture your organization's current maturity levels around the key areas that support all data and analytics initiatives with this Do-It-Yourself Tool.



CCG’s comprehensive analytics strategy process increases the ROI of data and analytic initiatives by ensuring they are done with the larger vision of the organization in mind. It incorporates feedback from all key departments and stakeholders to secure adoption and buy-in across the organization. Beyond assessing technology and data, it also ensures that the right people and processes are in place to support the changes necessary to become a data-driven business.

Primary benefits to include:

  • Establish BI and analytics maturity

    The CCG Strategy project team will work with your business to conduct a maturity assessment, which identifies strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for the people, processes, technology and data utilized in executing a data initiative. Assessments will be conducted via interviews, documentation, data profiling and system analysis. This assessment will be a key contributor to the strategic roadmap.

  • Provide clarity

    Leveraging information gathered in interviews and workshops, a vision statement will be created, approved and evangelized showcasing the direction, purpose and end state of the strategic roadmap. Creating a clear and relatable vision that represents the voice of the entire enterprise provides guidance and purpose to all initiatives outlined in the roadmap.

  • Align organizational priorities

    Incorporate stakeholders from all relevant departments to discuss priorities and the value of becoming a data-driven enterprise. Gaining organizational alignment on where the organization is going, what it is doing, why they are doing it and how they are going to get there is a critical and often overlooked step in the journey to becoming a data-driven organization.

  • Build an executable game plan

    Transform your organization’s vision into reality. The most important output of the AVR is a strategic roadmap outlining a set of prioritized projects along with their action items and benefits.


While business intelligence is a value-add offering for many technology and services companies, CCG is focused exclusively on data and analytics consulting, solutions and services. This is what we do. This is all we do.

  • 1

    Leverage our expertise to provide accelerated value

    Our unique methodology was crafted to create rapid value quickly, so your business can reach your corporate goals faster. With over 15 years of experience across hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, we know how to put process and methodology into actionable plans.

  • 2

    Much more than just systems deployment

    Offers the most advanced strategic techniques, best practices and expertise. From assessments and strategic planning through technical services and support, the CCG team is focused on helping you realize measurable business outcomes.

  • 3

    A Microsoft Gold Partner with a stellar reputation for delivering excellent results and outcomes

    And our team is also proficient in complex integrations, customizations and tool selection regardless of your technology stack.

  • 4

    Experts at helping different departments speak the same language

    CCG brings a trusted approach to business process improvement and can help unify different departments to ensure a cohesive transformation in the organization.

  • 5

    Strong understanding of human behavior & analytics adoption

    CCG’s experience in understanding the people behind the technologies allows us to customize a solution based on your organizational structure and needs.

  • 6

    Effectively engage with executive teams

    We maximize value of their inputs and minimize wasting their valuable time, so your analytics and business vision is truly understood and there is an actionable roadmap that has buy-in across the entire executive teams.


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