Analytics at the Speed of Business


People, Process, Technology and Data coming together in six short weeks.

  • CLEAR VISION: Collaborate and align on a vision that will serve as the guiding force behind the roadmap
  • ANALYTICS MATURITY: Our experts determine your organizations ability to execute on a data and analytics initiative and make recommendations for progressing through the maturity curve
  • ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT: Key Stakeholder workshops provide clarity and prioritization around the value and impact of data and analytics to support the digital transformation
  • GAME PLAN: A strategic roadmap illustrating a set of prioritized projects with their dependencies and benefits
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From whiteboard to dashboard in six weeks, accelerating adoption and driving business value.

  • AGILE DEVELOPMENT: Weekly, iterative, visual releases with artifacts that ensure collaboration, alignment and adoption
  • FUNCTIONAL BI: Drive the team to real data, real discovery, and real results with this functional dashboard model
  • PLATFORM VALIDATION: Take a modern technology platform for a spin in a tailored and meaningful way
  • SELF-SERVICE PROTOTYPE: Business-led discovery that results in a self-service prototype, empowering your end-users and showcasing the ‘art of possible’
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Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to discover hidden truths in your data.

  • ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: Identify specific customers, campaigns, or merchandise that are projected to drive profitable growth
  • PROVE HYPOTHESES: Turn your theories into reality by supporting instinctive hypotheses with data
  • ON-DEMAND DATA SCIENCE: Use machine learning and predictive analytics to create models that reproduce outcomes into the future
  • OPERATIONALIZE RESULTS: After the engagement, we'll help you realize the true value of the data by applying the analytic and creating a strategy for building on insights
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