Empower Decision-Makers to Lead with Confidence


If you want to be a true leader in your space, then it's time to make a cultural shift from reactionary, best-guess scenarios to progressive insights that empower leaders in your organization – and we can help.

  • ASSESSMENT, VISION & ROADMAP: Our business consultants will complete a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s needs, create a vision that aligns with your broader corporate strategies and capabilities, and build a transformative roadmap that drives maturity and scales as you grow.
  • PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Once you have the plan, we streamline the process by dividing it into smaller, bite-sized projects that are easy to manage, and assign an experienced program manager to ensure that we effectively deliver your best-fit business solution. Whether agile, waterfall, or iterative, we can navigate you through these projects and help you to avoid the inherent pitfalls of analytics initiatives.
  • COMPETENCY & CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (COE): We’ll provide best practices for managing data, including operational models for creating a BI center of excellence within your own organization. We will help you fill the roles and provide training so you can govern data, uncover insights and drive value from your data processes going forward.
  • MANAGED ANALYTICS SERVICES: If you’re looking to have enablement and faster delivery, but need more capacity and skill-sets on your team, we’re available to manage your analytics, provide staff augmentation, and offer additional training or support for as long as you need us.


Our business intelligence experts can help your organization implement reliable, secure dashboards and scorecards that deliver real-time key performance indicators and visual analytics on a single, consumable canvas.

Business Intelligence
  • DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: We use data aggregation and data mining techniques to reveal what has happened in different areas of your business, so you have a full picture of your organization and can focus your energy on improving performance.
  • DIAGNOSTIC ANALYTICS: We use drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations to monitor performance and provide actionable information to craft remediation strategies for underperforming areas of the business.
  • PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: We use statistical models and forecasting to predict how your business could perform in the future based on past performance, so you can make key decisions that propel you forward.
  • PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: We use optimization and simulation algorithms to prescribe a solution for how your business can improve moving forward, so you know exactly where to deploy your resources.


Enterprise Information Management brings together the most effective management, governance and warehousing strategies and applies them to your organization’s data.

  • DATA WAREHOUSING: Whether in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid model, we can design a modern data warehouse platform that enables your organization to integrate vast volumes of data into a flexible and scalable architecture. We will help modernize your data warehouse by upgrading the database platform, rebuilding data models, migrating it to the cloud or simply extending it to include more data sources to fit your business needs.
  • MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT: We can help you create a single, trusted and authoritative source of your most critical information assets to ensure your most valuable assets are stored accurately and consistently throughout the enterprise. With the help of our MDM specialists, your users can be confident the analysis of customers, products, suppliers, etc. through improved master data.
  • DATA GOVERNANCE & METADATA MANAGEMENT: We’ll even help you manage your data about your data and gain more visibility into data lineage by defining corporate vocabulary into an agreed upon glossary so that all key data elements share the same formula.
Enterprise Information Management