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The Key Reason Why Your DG Program is Failing | CCG Webinar

Identify with the key reasons for failing Data Governance initiatives

In this 30 minute webinar - The Key Reason Why Your Data Governance Program is Failing - you'll hear the leading reasons why Data Governance programs don't last, fundamentals to a successful Data Governance program, and how to turn around a failing DG initiative.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify with the key reasons for failing Data Governance initiatives
  • Uncover the commonly used Data Governance terms and their meanings
  • Learn the Framework for a successful Data Governance Program


Natalie Greenwood
Practice Dirctor of Strategy, CCG 

Natalie GreenwoodNatalie Greenwood is CCG's Client Partner, delivering guidance to clients around data and analytics strategy, data governance, and platform modernization. In her former roles, she worked as a Solution Architect and Principal Consultant leading technical engagements for Enterprise Corporations across the US. Her industry expertise ranges across Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Automotive and many more. With over 20 years of experience in the data-related disciplines, she stands as an accomplished multi-functional executive.

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