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Interview with VyStar Credit Union and CCG

Are you part of a company that is looking into data governance initiatives? Even more so, are you a part of a regulated industry that has specific compliance and security requirements?

Watch as VyStar Credit Union’s Vice President of Business Insights, Robert Klopman and Vice President of Advanced Analytics, Ian Olson, sit down with CCG’s Chief Revenue Officer and Founder, Dan Rodriguez. In this interview, they walk through the advice for credit unions and businesses in regulated industries.

Read more with this Case Study: CCG Helps VyStar Credit Union Govern $10 Billion in Assets and get started with your next data governance initiative by connecting with a governance specialist here.

VyStar Credit Union Interview Series:

Quick Facts

Speakers -
  • Dan Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer & Founder, CCG
  • Robert Klopman, Vice President of Business Insights, VyStar Credit Union
  • Ian Olson, Vice President of Advanced Analytics, VyStar Credit Union

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