Who is CCG?

Convergence Consulting Group is an award-winning, 100% on-shore consultancy that specializes in delivering a full spectrum of Business Intelligence (BI) analytic and Information Management (IM) solutions. Working across various industries with clients from the Fortune 1000 to the smaller but fast growing organizations across the Southeast, we have successfully implemented many comprehensive enterprise information management and analytic solutions turning data into answers and enabling visibility across the business. The ability to access analytics, see trends, evaluate performance and other mission-critical information at the right time is the objective of most BI initiatives; but a sound IM strategy is what ensures the quality, veracity and availability of the underlying data creating a stable foundation and wealth of information upon which business users rely to make informed, accurate and quick decisions. Our partnership will result in a smartly architected, best-practice based analytic solution providing the ability to quickly and accurately visualize, explore and interact with information in addition to a user-defined tool used for continuous learning, data-driven decision making and forward-thinking insights. Through our unique blend of industry, LOB, and multi-national experience, our Clients are able to define and develop world-class analytic solutions leveraged for competitive advantage, business efficiency and long-term success. CCG’s services include strategy, management, enterprise information management, big data, data warehousing, data quality, Master Data Management (MDM), traditional reports & analytics, mobile deployment, location intelligence, predictive analysis, and behavioral intelligence.

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