How to Build a Scalable Customer Analytics Hub with Azure

This webinar will help you break down the silos of data by exploring methods for pulling in and blending data sets from internal, external and streaming systems to create a unified customer analytics hub that supports your entire enterprise. Every department in your organization has an interest in understanding customer behavior. You need a centralized place where you can house existing customer data for governed exploration like we saw in Driving Customer Loyalty with Azure Machine Learning Webinar, as well as land external data for a truly holistic view of the customer to support all business facets.

Marketing Analytics and Technology Leader, Lexy Kassan, will guide attendees through the strategy behind a customer data analytics hub and address technologies on the market that support specific customer data management needs.

How to Build a Scalable Customer Analytics Hub with Azure is the third in our three-part webinar series on cloud enabled customer analytics. Learn more and register for future webinars in this series at

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