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Driving Customer Loyalty: Credit Union Member Insight

Member Insights Video Case Study

PSCU Financial Services owned several business intelligence (BI) solutions, however there was no centralized BI reporting solution platform in place. In danger of falling behind their competition, PSCU knew they needed to meet their clients' data-management needs effectively and strategically. It was at this point that PSCU engaged with CCG, a strategic data and analytics consultancy, to help with a BI tool upgrade. However, seeing that PSCU wasn't taking full advantage of the BI tools they had in place, CCG showed PSCU how they could leverage what they already owned to produce valuable insights and analytics.

Seeing the potentially large ROI, PSCU further engaged CCG to implement a cohesive BI strategy utilizing an upgraded BI tool to create web-based dashboards for PSCU's customers and internal business users. While the internal dashboards gave a more accurate profile of PSCU's customers, the customer-facing dashboards enabled PSCU's customers to easily view and understand their credit union's performance, compare themselves to benchmarks and peer groups and quickly assess the impacts of portfolio management decisions. Providing PSCU's customers with dashboards and gaining customer insights internally has moved PSCU along the BI Maturity Curve and helped position PSCU as a leader in its industry.

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