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Bagel Brands Interview | Customer Behavior on Digital Channels

Part Six

The crisis has caused a new set of behaviors in consumers, especially when it comes to digital channels. The pandemic introduced consumers to new ways of getting things they loved the most. For Bagel Brands, their ability to amplify the development of mobile ordering ability, bumped up to 25% of their sales, when it previously didn't exist. Hear more from Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Laping in this short video. 

Discussion Topic

  • What has been the impact of digital channels on customer behavior?

Video Series

Meet the Speakers

Chris Laping_ HeadshotChris Laping   brings 28 years of information technology and business transformation experience to Bagel Brands (Einstein Bros. Bagels, Bruegger's Bagels, Manhattan Bagels, Noah's) and serves as Chief Innovation Officer. Prior to joining the company, Chris authored a best-selling book, "People Before Things," which focuses on the connection between human experience to the outcomes of change and transformation and the role leaders play to pave success. 

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Dan Rodriguez is the Chief Product & Strategy Officer and Founding Partner of CCG. Dan leads the most creative department at CCG, responsible for the ideation and innovation of new cloud-based business solutions. Dan leads a team of product owners, engineers and industry subject-matter experts who work with modern technologies to drive business value and meet market demand through the strategic and operational use of data and analytics.

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Quick Facts

Speakers -
  • Chris Laping, Chief Innovation Officer, Bagel Brands
  • Dan Rodriguez, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, CCG

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