CCG Enters Partnership with Databricks

June 16, 2020

CCG, a cloud, data and analytics company, is pleased to announce our partnership with Databricks. Databricks is a key enabler to helping clients scale AI and unlock the value of disparate and complex data.

"We have been working with Azure Databricks for multiple years and are very excited to have made our partnership official. We often work with organizations that are striving to be insights driven and with Databricks, we can offer our customers a product that will enable them to quickly make data-driven business decisions" said former EVP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Databricks is a leader unifying data engineering and data science on the Azure platform and helping clients operationalize data science at scale across their business. Our clients, looking to quickly modernize to cloud services, can use Azure Databricks to transition from proprietary and expensive systems to operational efficiencies and new business models.

“We’re on an important mission to enable data teams around the world to collaborate and solve some of today’s toughest problems,” according to Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO of Databricks. “Never has this mission been proven more critical as we face both the global health and economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and rethink how we address social injustice across the nation. We’re committed to mobilizing and empowering data teams to aid in both fighting the pandemic and in considering the role ethical AI plays in how we hire and build future teams. This recognition is validation that our work has made a significant impact on society, but we know we’re just at the beginning of the work we can do to help teams solve more hard problems.”

Brian Beesley, who runs the Data Science Practice at CCG, stated, "Databricks is the gold standard for delivering modern data and analytics solutions. Databricks brings our clients an incredible ability to process mass quantities of data in batch or in real time, and the focus on enabling AI capabilities through MLOps and transfer learning functionality at scale opens doors to better AI delivered faster and more simply."

With CCG, you can leverage the best of Azure Cloud and Databricks to accelerate the data science lifecycle, develop high value AI-driven solutions and enable organizations to drive business results at scale. Check out more details on Databricks here:

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