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The CCG DASH | Sprint 5

Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to CCG DASH - Delivering Analytics Story Highlights

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Taking the First Look at Microsoft Azure Synapse 

New to the tech space is Microsoft Azure Synapse, an analytics platform that was launched in early 2020. Taking notes from the tried and true Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Synapse was developed to bring enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics into a single, comprehensive service. Most recently, CCG partnered with an Optical Manufacturer (who we'll call Optical Inc.) to take a closer look at their data processes to optimize operations, increase productivity, and predict revenue. Here is a summary of the customer story:

  •  Optical Inc. previously manually extracted data from SQL data mart to excel, and had no BI solution to automate insights nor provide self-service reporting 
  • CCG performed a Cloud assessment and fit Optical Inc. with Azure Synapse to unify disparate data sources, and enhance their analytics capabilities
  • Azure Blueprints was used to enable cloud architects with a repeatable set of Azure resources and standardized testing environments 
  • CCG empowered Optical Inc. to free up several resources dedicated to report generation, and increased visibility into analytics for immediate ROI

See, we promised we help businesses See Farther and Go Faster! 

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Taking the Uncertain-Tea Out of the Beverage Industry

As fast-moving consumer packaged goods (CPG) and beverage industries look to innovate with Cloud and AI, many brands are looking to analytics advisors to understand market intelligence. Aperity, an innovative data management and analytic solutions provider, is the newest partner of CCG, driving business insights to supply chain partners. In a recent blog, Dave Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Aperity, shares the biggest data hurdles facing organizations in the CPG and beverage industry. Here is a sippable summary:  

  • As a three-tier system of distribution makes up supplier, distributor, and retailer with a need for data to be harmonized between multiple parties
  • Through effective data governance, accuracy and visibility to data can benefit people, processes, and product
  • Beverage Data Exchange, a cloud-based data solution, allows all parties the ability to share data with supply chain partners for stronger business insights 
Talk about analytics that is consumable! 

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News For The Community

Are These 5 Roadblocks Holding Back Your Data-Driven Goals? 

In a recent blog by Forbes, contributor Daniel Newman walks through the key challenges facing business today. And we have to tell you, these are relatable!

  • More data isn't always a good thing; it can overload your system and goes out of date quickly - succeed with effective day-to-day data management
  • Leverage diverse sources to ensure your insights aren't biased and give the full picture
  • Employees need to believe in the ability of data to provide useful insights in order to drive a data-driven culture successfully
Read the blog post here for all five roadblocks and solutions.  

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