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The CCG DASH | Sprint 4

Jul 29, 2020

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Scaling Out or Scaling Up?

For brands looking to innovate with AI and big data, it can be challenging to know how to seamlessly process large datasets without exhausting your resources. New on your radar of must-watch tools should be Databricks, a unified data and AI platform which leverages a scaling "out" method to accelerate data science on large datasets. What does scaling out mean though? Let's walk through an example shared by Data Science Consultant, Victoria Austin, in her recent blog found here

You'd like to scour a stack of takeout menus and compile options for restaurants with tacos to-go (a worthy endeavor).
Multiple Tacos

You have one member working on the team, and to speed this up, you hire a single expert menu reader who demands a high premium for their services (scaling up). Another option is to onboard an entire team of average menu readers who work quickly through sheer volume. These workers are flexible and take breaks as needed (scaling out). 

Databricks, like the team of menu readers, can automatically allocate the resources necessary for your job, providing a more cost-effective, flexible alternative to scaling up. Read more about scaling up or out through the blog below. Hot sauce, anyone?

Scaling up vs out

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The ROI on Data and Analytics Projets is More Important Than Ever

Calculating the return on investment from an analytics projects should not start in a database, but instead with a conversation. 
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How to Adapt Your Analytics and Intuition for the Post-COVID World

Basing decisions on intuition may be costing you. Explore ways to adapt your analytics strategies to adjust to the new normal. 
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Automation with AI
Accelerating Automation with AI: How the Professional Services Industry Can Thrive with Advanced Analytics

Budget cuts, employee layoffs, and customer loss affected many professional services organizations due to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to automate, accelerate, and differentiate is essential to thriving. Read how AI and advanced analytics can play a vital role in reimagining your business.
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Voice of the Customer

"We’re on an important mission to enable data teams around the world to collaborate and solve some of today’s toughest problems. Never has this mission been proven more critical as we face both the global health and economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and rethink how we address social injustice across the nation."
-  Ali Ghodsi, Co-Founder and CEO of Databricks
Quote sourced from News Update: CCG Enters Partnership with Databricks

News For The Community

Microsoft's Moved Digital: Inspire 2020 Recap

Microsoft Inspire, a partner-oriented conference, took place for it's first time digitally on July 21st through July 22nd, 2020. Here are some highlights

  • New Power Platform solutions can bring employees back to work safely by monitoring and responding to conditions with location readiness, employee health/ safety management, workplace care management and much more
  • Microsoft's Dataflex is a new relational database built into Teams to empower business users to create, deploy, and manage applications with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agent without ever leaving Teams
  • Microsoft continues to make steady progress on goal to be carbon negative by 2030 with a sustainability calculator and an investment of $1 billion from the Climate Innovation Fund to transform the world's energy and transportation

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