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The CCG DASH | Sprint 3

Jun 29, 2020

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All Eyes on Industry

In early June, the nation began to reopen businesses, continue production, and strengthen employment. As we all fare the current economic crisis, business executives across industries recognize one thing - we must innovate to survive.

There is only so much of the broken supply chain that can be fixed, but CCG has developed Intelligence for Industrials and Manufacturing that breaks down ways to innovate with analytics. Driving Industry 4.0, when you leverage data & analytics you can: 

  • Optimize operations with supply chain optimization, logistics analytics, & cross department synchronization
  • Increase productivity, make intelligent investments, & expedite cash liquidity
  • Understand customer's changing expectations, integrate market research, & optimize your workforce

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Weathering the crisis with cloud
Weathering the Crisis with the Cloud

Many corporations still have not completed their digital transformation, which could lead to dire implications if they do not have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan.
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How to fix breaks in the supply chain
How to Fix Breaks in the Supply Chain
Now is the perfect time for companies to identify gaps and transform their supply chain strategies to be able to react quickly and efficiently through future disruptions.
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Voice of the Customer

"The Worls is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow."
- Rupery Murdoch
Quote shared during CCG's recent virtual forum, stated by Rusty Kennington, CIO of Corsicana Mattress

News For The Community

4 Ways the Business World is Going to Change in 2020

In a recent post from Inc., author Paul Schoemaker uncovers trends that will drive new ideas and breakthroughs in business. Below is a summary of his findings: 

  • Quantum Innovation, the out-of-box thinking that is disruptive to competitors & the company itself, starts with audacious goals 
  • New organizational forms will make waves in traditional work environment - which seems even more relevant with new virtual work forces
  • Reverse Innovation means access to capital, land, labor & natural resources has become a pressing strategic business issue tied to sustainability
  • Harvesting mistakes comes as companies are testing beyond their belief system to learn & drive a culture that views mistakes as a portal of discovery

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