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The CCG DASH | Sprint 2

Jun 02, 2020

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Two Days, 14 Speakers, Endless Rapid Recovery Insights

Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing C-Suite executives across industries on ways that they are reacting, recovering, and reimagining their business from the economic crisis. 

You can watch the on-demand recordings of the sessions for part 1 here and part 2 here. Below are some of the key takeaways: 

  • Companies like Bagel Brands and ThyssenKrupp Elevator experienced up to a 200% increase in online digital services over the last 60 days
  • Vineyard vines found supply chain contingency and product inventory planning based on availability and consumption (like an increase in athleisure) were essential
  • Concepts like "hoteling" are now critical for companies like Kforce who has a highly remote workforce 
  • Disaster recovery with data security and recovery was a key concern for companies like Rollins (Orkin)
  • Gordian was able to retrain their artificial Intelligence models, some of which out performed the computing power of a human who had 15-20 years of experience 

All had similar advice to companies fighting through the pandemic...

"Businesses should double down on digital acceleration. Touch on AI, predictive analytics, and make an investment to plan the comeback" - 

 - Chris Dieringer, Sr. Director of Industry Solutions, Microsoft 

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Performance Management When History is Irrelevant
Your daily operations report likely had little relevancy when the economy paused. In this blog written by Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Rodriguez, you can uncover how important it is to adapt your analytics by incorporating 3rd party data sources. Here are some takeaways from this 4 minute read:

  • The value of performance management is to write the performance story such that executives can align and chart a course against. 
  • Crisis Performance Management leverages intelligence to fill in gaps with market insights gathered from data outside your four walls.
  • Sustainability cannot be attained unless there is a conscious reinforcement of the key ingredients to performance management: people, process, and data.
  • Change Management is an often-overlooked area that few businesses try to perfect, and situations like these are a great use case of the damage that creates.

Read Blog: Performance Management When History is Irrelevant

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Voice of the Customer

"The two most important things you can give your employees (especially during change) is love and clarity".

- Chris Laping, CIO at Bagel Brands and Author "People Before Things" 

Watch this 2 minute video on other ways Chris emphasizes the importance of being a data-driven across the Bagel Brands organization.

News For The Community

How COVID-19 is Changing Analytics Spending

According to a recent article by Forbes, business are seeing analytics and BI as the radar they need to plan and execute strategies essential to their survival. Here are some highlights from the article:

  • 97% of enterprises say all their employees now work from home, escalating the need for cloud-based self-service BI and collaborative BI applications
  • There has been a 68% increase in enterprises who say cloud computing is critical to their operations between February to April of this year alone
  • 49% of enterprises are either launching new analytics projects or moving forward without delay on already planned projects
  • Self-service BI’s importance grew from 25% in February to 34% in April, reflecting enterprises’ needs for providing analytics users enhanced capacities to do their reporting and analytics

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