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Squad Leader Spotlight- Greg Frasca

Nov 03, 2017

Whether you're selling yachts, robots, or Bloomin’ Onions, Greg Frasca is the master in uncovering data driven solutions for retail organizations. As the Retail Analytics Squad Leader and Senior Solution Architect at Convergence Consulting Group (CCG), Greg has helped dozens of retail organizations in his 18 years in the industry to leverage data assets to gain a competitive advantage. Greg is best known for his purple-unicorn-esc methods for integrating data from numerous siloed sources into a unified, comprehensive data machine to gain comprehensive insights into key performance indicators. Leveraging technologies including SQL Server, Informatica, Oracle, and Embarcadero, among others, Greg’s functional experience has focused in business intelligence and data architecture solutions management. Applying this technical expertise, Greg now focuses on the agile development of new and relevant data solutions for the rapidly changing retail market.

Greg has an enthusiasm that is contagious and effective, as is evidenced by his history of long-standing client satisfaction, as well as his motivated and loyal squad team members. The Retail Analytics Squad is made up of passionate, data-driven consultants and project leaders with a focus in market analysis. This squad works with retailers to bridge the technological divide between traditional storefronts and digital marketing, blending and analyzing internal, external and streaming data for a holistic view of the retail customer. With the full force of leading BI platforms like Microsoft and IBM backing their solution development, this team will continue to equip retailers with the tools needed for continued success.

We at CCG hope to empower client-driven solutions through the power of data and analytics. To hear more from the voices of CCG, click here to read blogs from our employees. To learn more about Retail solutions, click here to contact a BI professional.

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