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New Solutions Mean New Hires at CCG

Jul 09, 2018

With the recent release of new end-to-end solutions, we have been pursuing top-tier talent from across the U.S. Joining us this month, Natalie Greenwood, Justin Scherbring, and Michael Houk are three senior-level technology experts with a drive to deliver smart solutions. All three of these new CCGers have experience with implementing data and analytics technologies to Fortune 500 companies and are sure to make an impact here at CCG.

Natalie Greenwood joins us as a Solution Architect, a seasoned expert in prescribing data architectures no matter the industry. A Michigan native, Natalie graduated with a B.A.S.c. in Computer Science from Ferris State University. Her diverse portfolio is rooted in managing global and regional projects and programs across diverse IT and business environments. Natalie is also a writer and a noted expert in Data Governance and Data Quality, which she states: “Having a framework to help guide the process and align priories is key to the successful implementation of DG. Frameworks provide important structure and are especially helpful when embarking on something new.” Her previous experience as a BI lead, Principal Consultant, and Vice President make her an experienced data professional. 

Justin Scherbring also joined this month, as a Consultant III. Justin’s passion is in driving educational and professional experiences to provide actionable insights to organizations. He is an alumnus of Saint Louis University and the University of Florida with a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Justin has technical proficiencies in SQL, Python, and Tableau, where he has worked to automate the migration of dashboards between development, test, and production environments. Justin’s talents in back-end development and front-end execution make him a great addition to the organization.

Michael Houk joins CCG as a Solution Architect. Michael’s 20 + years of experience in data and analytics is heavily rooted in IBM solutions. His interest in innovative technologies began as a student at the University of South Florida, graduating with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. Michael is always up for a challenge and has evolved his technical competencies in Data Warehousing, Enterprise Data Architecture, Machine Learning and much more. His tenure in the data and analytics industry is obvious as he has a hands-on approach to delivering highly complex methodologies.

CCG’s talent drives the evolving data solutions and services. For more information about implementing modern data architecture, learn more about our solutions here. Interested in becoming our next innovator and CCGer? Click here to see our career openings, or contact us to learn more.