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CCG Ends the Year with New Sales and Delivery Team Members

Dec 18, 2018

As 2018 is coming to a close, CCG is proud to highlight the new members of the team who have joined over the last quarter. These six have a wide range of technical expertise and skill sets that are sure to contribute to the continued growth of CCG’s Analytic Solutions & Services.


Krishna Sajjala joins CCG as a Senior Consultant with a focus on ETL Development. Krishna is no novice when it comes to Enterprise Information Management, as he has talents in Data Stage, ETL, and Data Warehousing. He also leads with advanced industry knowledge, previously working at companies such as Target, Gap, and BlueCross BlueShield.  Between his industry knowledge across retail, healthcare, and Financial services, he is sure to make an impact at CCG!


David Langois joins as a Data Management Lead and Senior Consultant for CCG. David is a passionate leader and educator, taking lead on CCG’s RapidDG (Data Governance) solution all while being a CIS Adjunct Professor at Muskegon Community College. His talents don’t end there either, David is skilled in the realm of data science and analytics, working at a previous role as a Senior Data Analytics Engineer and Program Developer while being certified in R Programming and Data Stewardship. We welcome diverse abilities to the CCG team!

Sami_Roetman Sami Roetman joins CCG as a  Sales and Alliances Coordinator. Sami will be working primarily with the sales and marketing team to assist in creating synergy between CCG and our clients across the country. In past roles she was primarily responsible for acquiring top-tier talent for Fortune 1000 clients. Through roles such as these she has gained skill sets in project management, research, and marketing. She is a team player with a drive to deliver the best possible results, and we are excited to see her make her mark here at CCG!


Patrick Sacripanti joins as a Senior Account Executive with a focus on high performing business development. Patrick has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing efficient, cost-effective technology solutions. His skill sets include but are not limited to: process management and improvement, service delivery, and  SDLC.  In past roles he was responsible for delivery management and maximizing alliances with Microsoft.  The plethora of skill sets he’s developed in these roles along with his quick work ethic, make him a huge asset to the CCG team!


Carlos Esquillin joins as an Architect. Carlos is a driven worker with over 18 years of experience in data architecture. In past roles Carlos has focused on designing and maintaining solutions for clients globally. Carlos has developed skills in data warehousing, business intelligence, and ETL. He has a drive to provide the best possible solutions to clients across the United states and the quick problem solving abilities to do so. Carlos is sure to make an impact on our clients across the United States!


Patrick Richardson joins CCG as a Data Scientist. Patrick has spent over ten years working in varying fields and companies as a data scientist. In his past roles Patrick has been primarily responsible for things such as extracting and analyzing business data to support business strategy. He also was responsible for generating ad-hoc/ recurring reports to assist in tracking business performance. His skills in strategy, data mining, and forecasting make him an excellent addition to the data science team!

We are delighted to welcome our new CCG members and look forward to having them as part of the team. For more information on CCG’s data services and solutions click here. If you are interested in joining CCG, find out more about career opportunities at