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Julee Everett Joins CCG as Director of Client Success

Jun 11, 2018

Julee Everett believes that businesses should never lose their entrepreneurial spirit and has made a name for herself through inspiring a customer-first mindset and innovative practices in her clients. Julee’s own entrepreneur spirit has led her to become CCG’s first Director of Client Success, working with clients to discover the best solutions for their data and analytics needs.  

Julee’s background is a combination of roles that have focused on design thinking, agility, and portfolio management.  She uses elements from these disciplines to create Lean Portfolio and Product Management practices; helping organizations to align their organizational objectives with agility in their delivery.  She also holds the title of Tampa Bay Tech’s Agile Coach of the Year through her engagement in the community as a mentor, trainer, coach, and leader in the Tampa Bay Product space. She is the founder of the Tampa Bay Product Owner User group and coordinated the inaugural Product Camp Gulf Coast 2017.  

As the Director of Client Success, Julee’s product, innovation and agility expertise aligns well with the the rapid insights, predictive analytics, and data solutions CCG is known for.  

Join CCG in welcoming Julee in the comments below! If you are interested in learning more about innovation or agility in practice, click here for more resources or contact a representative at (813) 265-3239.