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CCG Helps Tampa Bay Stay Beautiful with Coastal Cleanup

Jul 14, 2017

Protecting wildlife while keeping a clean environment for beach goers, Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) partnered with Tampa Bay Watch in their monthly Coastal Cleanup on July 8th. Over 20 CCG volunteers, employees, family members, and friends joined to clean over three miles of land in Weeden Island Preserve. The area, while scenic, receives foot traffic from the locals and travelers alike, and is often home to debris affecting wildlife in the area. With gloves on and bags in hand, CCG volunteers collected over ten pounds of trash including plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and food wrappers.

Coastal Cleanup 7.8.2017

Every day we live and work in the beautiful landscape that is Tampa Bay through our Headquarters and local clients, so what better way to give back than to help keep our coastline pristine.”
- Mary Bolen, Community Council Lead & Senior BI Consultant, CCG

As weather often shifts trash farther to be in reach of wild animals, volunteers are the main source of removing the debris. According to a study by, “Plastic has been found in 59% of sea birds like albatross and pelicans, in 100% of sea turtle species, and more than 25% of fish sampled from seafood markets around the world.” Tampa Bay Watch focuses on improving the quality and conditions of wildlife for the animals and is dedicated to habitat protection and restoration in Tampa Bay. Utilizing thousands of volunteers from all ages, Tampa Bay Watch encourages participation in salt marsh planting, storm drain markings, oyster bar creation, coastal clean ups, and wildlife protection each year. To learn more about Tampa Bay Watch and how to volunteer, read more here

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