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CCG Partners with IDERA for Database Management Solutions

Sep 20, 2017

Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) announced a partnership with IDERA, an applications management software solutions provider. IDERA is home to a full suite of product offerings which support database management and development tools like SQL and ER/Studio. IDERA’s solutions allow database professionals and consultants (like those at CCG) to design, monitor, and manage data systems with complete confidence, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Specifically, IDERA SQL Diagnostic manager empowers clients with its Data Warehouse Assessments on existing database environments to identify current data capabilities.

Healthy Data Needs Exercise

There is an enhanced value in not only understanding an organization’s data but ensuring that the data sets are presented with accuracy. Data assessment identifies all levels of data environments which contribute to delivering business intelligence capabilities. The prime goal of a data health check is to identify criteria which have an increased impact on the business and to consider the future role of analytics techniques.

“Healthy data needs exercise, and we use the IDERA Team Server Enterprise to provide our clients a platform to document, share and enhance their data assets”. says Aaron Harte, Solution Architect and IDERA Partnership Lead at CCG

With the help of IDERA’s solutions, inefficiencies and poor performance in queries, batches, statements, and stored procedures are more easily identified and monitored. Thresholds can be configured to allow for greater flexibility to ensure blocks and deadlocks are avoided. IDERA products allow CCG to provide services faster by providing consistency and reusability of the processes designed and tested in multiple engagements. This partnership enables CCG to make observations and recommended enhancements to provide clients with a data platform which meets their needs and scales as they grow.


IDERA designs powerful software with one goal in mind – to solve our customers’ most complex challenges with easy-to-use solutions. IDERA’s unique DNA is reinforced by user communities of more than 3 million database and developer professionals who use and evangelize our tools. From award-winning SQL Server database solutions and multi-platform data architecture tools to market-disrupting test management tools, IDERA ensures your business never slows down.

About CCG

Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) is an award-winning business intelligence consulting firm with a passion for helping clients solve their operational and strategic challenges through the strategic use of data and analytics. CCG believes business intelligence is more than a technical solution; it’s an opportunity to create lasting cultural change across an organization. Their experts focus on quickly gaining a big-picture understanding of your business to develop optimized, tailored BI solutions that empower you to drive greater decision-making at the speed of your data.

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