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Walking for a Cause: CCG Joins the One Million Americans Fighting for Heart Health

Nov 20, 2017

Between teams titled the “Heart Breakers”, “Near Breath Experience”, and “Walk your heart out” amongst others, Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) joined the thousands of individuals raising awareness for the American Heart Association (AHA). Launching their fundraising efforts in the early summer, CCG employees, family, and friends raised money and awareness for cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention, as well as heart health.

With a healthy dose of competition, CCG’s six avid teams worked to raise over $7,500 for AHA. This total not only surpassed CCG’s 2016 fundraising efforts but also was one of the highest ratios raised for a company with less than 75 employees. In addition to the money raised, CCG saw an increase in participation by 150% to the Heart Walk itself, which took place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The hashtag “Life is Why” further resonated as individuals of all ages were adorned with shirts written with names of friends and loved ones affected by heart attacks or strokes.

IMG_5901According to AHA, there was over one million Americans at 305 events across the country working to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Prior to the Tampa Bay Heart Walk, CCG leveraged internal talents to create three fundraising opportunities for their employees, friends, and families to participate. Kicking off the fundraising and raising momentum, Nina Ionata of Heart Walk led a Heart Health Lunch and Learn at CCG’s Tampa office, allowing CCG’ers hands-only CPR training. In the months following, the Community Council led a building-wide bake sale where employees of CCG brought sweets for all to enjoy. Our second initiative incorporated heart-healthy recipes in a Community Cookbook, with over 50 recipes submitted. The final project detailed custom designed 2017 Tampa Bay Heart Walk T-shirts, and with a sea of red, the teams joined together to look quite coordinated. All proceeds from these initiatives, in addition to general donations, benefitted AHA.

T Shirt HighlightCCG Cook Book Cover 2Enhancing the momentum in Tampa Bay with community involvement, the AHA Heart Walk is one of the many outreach projects that CCG participates in each year. For more information on the AHA, and heart health initiatives across the U.S. click here. For insight into CCG’s community efforts, or for information on how to get involved, click here or call (813) 968-3238.