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CCG Expands Marketing and Accounting Departments

Oct 23, 2018

CCG is delighted to announce the addition of two new interns to the team this fall. Brad Weaver and Vanessa Begley, are joining to support ongoing operations and marketing efforts. CCG was looking for the right people to assist in helping with client relationship management and supporting ongoing initiatives in the marketing and operations process. The addition of Brad to the accounting department and Vanessa to the marketing Department helps in supporting these efforts. Both have a thirst for knowledge, a hunger to succeed and work experience that make them the perfect additions to the CCG team. 

Brad WeaverBrad is a student at the University of South Florida, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Joining as an Accounting Intern, he will be responsible for tasks such as customer billing, expense reporting, and cash management. In past roles he has been responsible for various types of audits, developing PRC frameworks and creating reports. He has a keen eye for statistics, an interest in mathematics, and excellent process management skills. Between his experience, his drive to succeed, and his strong skill-sets , Brad is sure to be a great addition to CCG.  

Vanessa BegleyVanessa is joining as a Marketing Intern. She will be supporting CCG’s social media efforts, PR, and digital asset development. Vanessa is pursuing her Bachelor of Science  degree in Marketing at the University of South Florida.  In her past roles, she has been responsible for conducting marketing research, creating media assets, and implementing strategies for marketing efforts. She has a great understanding of how to drive brand awareness while ensuring consistency in messaging, and an interest in graphic design and content creation. Vanessa’s experience in Marketing thus far and her inclination to continue developing her skills, make her a perfect fit for the team.

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