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Tampa Bay Tech Announces New Branding at 2017 Innovation Awards

Nov 21, 2017

Surrounded by over a thousand technology professionals at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, FL, Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) “PoweredUp” for the 14th Annual Tampa Bay Tech Innovation Awards. Through the velvet curtains, Jill St. Thomas and Daniel James Scott of TBTF announced the winners of over twenty prestigious technology-based awards, representing the start competition of thriving industry leaders and community projects in the Bay area.  

CCG had the honor of being named as a finalist for the Technology Project of the Year for their work with the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2016. With a goal of providing more visibility into voter sentiment and position, CCG led a massive migration of the RNC’s legacy on-premise voter database to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The project had helped to even the playing field for all candidates running for political office, from the local to national level across all branches of government, by providing data on voters nationwide. Learn more about how Microsoft Azure disrupted the most recent 2016 presidential election cycle here.

Running against CCG for the Technology Project of the Year was Nextech and Valpak, two noteworthy technology companies in the Tampa Bay. Valpak took home the title of Project of the Year for their innovative envelope technology, while Nextech was named Technology Company of the Year overall, two worthy opponents, indeed.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to address their entire membership, TBTF officially announced at the Innovation Awards a company-wide rebranding. Formerly known as Tampa Bay Tech Forum, or TBTF, the non-profit launched the simplified namesake “Tampa Bay Tech”, complete with a new logo and website facelift. Tampa Bay Tech, is a leading organization benefitting technology striving leaders with networking events, meet ups, and community awards. Join CCG and other local technology thought leaders for the next Tampa Bay Tech event, PoweredUp Technology Festival, on May 8, 2018.  

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