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Three Advanced Analytics Consultants Join CCG Amongst Predictive Surge

Oct 10, 2018


Data science and Ai in businesses have become more and more relevant as consumers are looking for predictive applications to make proactive decisions. As this trend in advanced analytics has flourished, we've suited our delivery practice with top Data Science Consultants to drive the need for actionable insights for clients worldwide. Nichole Katnis , Nicolas Gutierrez, and Matthew Siler join CCG’s solutions consulting practice with extensive industry and technical knowledge. 

MatthewSilerMatthew Siler joins CCG as an Advanced Analytics Consultant II, focused in data science and machine learning. Matthew is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Resource Economics and Commerce, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. He has a significant amount of experience in transforming big data into actionable insights. Over the course of his career, he has used these types of insights to develop predictive models in software such as SAS. Matthew’s skills and experience make him a perfect addition to the CCG team.

NicholeKatnisNichole Katnis is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in Computer Science and has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Georgia State University. She is joining the CCG team as an Advanced Analytics Consultant II. She is proficient in  SQL which allows her to pinpoint solutions to problems faced by companies worldwide. She uses predictive analytics with the help of Azure Machine Learning, R, and other Ai tools to empower forward-looking decisions for organizations across the United States. Nichole’s background in BI and drive to render the best services for clients makes her an excellent new member of CCG.

NicolasGutierrezNicolas Gutierrez is joining the team as a Consultant II. He is experienced in a variety of industries when it comes to consulting. Nicolas has a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance, a Master certificate in Business Intelligence From Villanova University,  and an Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management from the University of Notre Dame. He uses his experience to transform organizations analytics to make proactive decisions to drive their ROI and BI. It is safe to say that Nicolas knows what he is talking about when it comes to analytics. His drive to provide excellent service to clients makes him a great new addition to CCG.

We are delighted to welcome our new CCG members and look forward to having them as part of the team. For more information on CCG’s data services and solutions click here. If you are interested in joining CCG, find out more about career opportunities at