eBook : The Cloud, efficiency and innovation

Every IT department is charged with safeguarding its company’s information assets, reducing costs, and “keeping the lights on.”  These functions are, and always will be, critical components of any IT organization. Yet IT also must facilitate and foster innovation, both to make existing processes faster and cheaper as well as to support new and emerging business models.

Operating in the cloud provides many cost advantages, which makes it possible for IT departments to focus more on innovation. In this eBook, you'll gain insight into:

  • The economics of the cloud (TCO)
  • Driving business value through innovation
  • How other global companies are leveraging the cloud

Disclaimer: This information is by Microsoft Corporation, published within “Enterprise Cloud Strategy 2nd Edition” by Microsoft Press, a division of Microsoft Corporation and distributed by CCG. Read the complete eBook: Enterprise Cloud Strategy by Microsoft Press to learn more.

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