Tampa Power BI User Group



May 14th, 2019 from 8:00am to 5:20pm

The Power BI Group in Tampa is a place to share knowledge, experience, and fun tips for the Power BI platform. It is a place to gather users in one single place allowing to connect with other BI and Analytics professionals from the same area and all over the world. 

Back to the Basics- Power BI and Community Introductions

During our June 6th meeting they will enjoy some pizza and take the conversation back to the Basics for Power BI. They will discuss:

• Why Power BI?
• What has changed on the Platform?
• What updates we can expect for the future?
• What resources do you have at your disposal if you're a new user?
• Where do our power users recommended we take a look?
• Other platforms that might make your life easier in PBI

They will also take the opportunity to find out what they can do to improve the Power BI User Group experience. They want your input and hope to shape the future content around it.

• What content are you hoping to find?
• What type of work shops would you be interested in?
• Are you looking to hone your skills, or learn something you don't already know?
• What type of speakers are you interested to hear from?
• How are you currently using Power BI?
• How proficient are you within the platform?
• What brings you to the User Group? Personal use? Professional use? Looking for Talent for your team? Networking?
• How can Power BI help you and where are your gaps?
• Are you a professional user, or a hobbyist?

To learn more and RSVP to the meeting please click here. Please click here to discover career opportunities at CCG.