Data Analytics Meetup: Data Science in the Cloud




Cloud is arguably the buzz word of 2017, but what does cloud actually do for you? Enhancements in cloud computing and data storage are affecting individuals at all levels. At the November Data Analytics Meetup, we’ll dive into ways that you, as an IT professional, can leverage the elastic, on-demand processing power of the cloud to improve your own performance! Registration is free and open to anyone interested in attending. 

Data Science in the Cloud: Using Cloud Applications to Your Advantage

  • How the Cloud is Affecting Data Science & Analytics
  • IBM Cloud vs. Microsoft Cloud
  • Machine Learning in the Cloud – Customer Segmentation Demonstration 


Meet the Speakers

Ahmed Sherif 
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Ahmed Sherif has been working with data in various roles for over 10 years.  He got his start with business intelligence solutions and later transitioned to data science in 2013. In 2016 he completed a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University, where he focused on machine learning and predictive modeling techniques using Python, R, and SAS. As a data scientist, Ahmed strives to fuse predictive capabilities into business intelligence solutions so that organizations can better leverage their data to understand the past as well as the future.

Tom Ericsson

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With over 18 years of experience in the information technology field, Tom Ericsson now serves as a full-time a Client Solution Advisor at  Convergence Consulting Group (CCG), helping businesses to capitalize on data assets and investments to overcome business challenges. A graduate of the University of Florida with a Masters in Decision and Information Sciences, Tom‘s technical proficiencies include the entire IBM Analytics suite, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server, and various open source applications. In his tenure, Tom has trained in full lifecycle business intelligence implementation, working as a Software Developer, Analyst, Senior Engineer and, now, a Client Solution Advisor. Tom has found his passion in combining analytics with business solutions.

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