Driving Customer Loyalty with Azure Machine Learning

  • Oct 04 at 11:00AM to 12:00PM EST


Oct. 4


Innovations in cloud technology enable us to quickly produce valuable insights that used to require large teams and take a long time to achieve. In this age of digital transformation, organizations are collecting more and more data about their customers every day, but how can we apply these new cloud enabled analytic capabilities to get the greatest return on our data investments?  

This webinar will help to answer that question by highlighting key analytic use cases that are imperative to the success of any B2C organization, all simplified through cloud technologies. Ahmed Sherif, Data Scientist and Author of Practical Business Intelligence, will use the power of Azure Machine learning to demonstrate one of the most valuable  customer use cases, Churn and Customer Segmentation.

Driving Customer Loyalty with Azure Machine Learning is the first in our three part webinar series on cloud enabled customer analytics. Learn more and register for future webinars in this series at http://go.ccgbi.com/Azure-Webinars.html

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