ISACA South Florida WOW! Event 10th Annual




Our 10th annual event is the premier South Florida conference of the year that brings technology, audit, control and security professionals together with leading technology industry speakers for an informative and educational event. Theme: Emerging Threats in Cybersecurity – What should organizations be doing to protect their infrastructure.

This 8 CPE packed event will have 7 modules ranging from Internet of Thinks to Cloud Cyberthreats and Defense Strategies. Our selected speakers come from a wide variety of industries such as Security Monitoring, Cyber Defense, auditing and Digital Forensics.

Last year’s speakers included:

  • Christian Linacre,  Director of Cloud Platform/Business Architecture at Microsoft – TopicData Privacy, Compliance and controls in the Cloud.
  • Lance James- Chief Scientist at Flashpoint, Cyber Intelligence Advisor – TopicDesigning security for the cloud.
  • Dr. Chase Cunningham   – Director Cyber Threat Research and Innovation at Armor – TopicCloud security threat intelligence.
  • Randy Armknecht & Matt Farrar – Information Security Professional – Protiviti – Risk & Business Consulting – TopicAuditing data in the cloud.
  • Tony Ucedavelez – CEO at VerSprite Security – TopicCloud Security Risk Metrics. Sponsors – Opportunities Still Available for the 2016 Event..