The Power of Predictive - Incorporating Weather into Your Data Webinar




The weather effects so much of how we live our lives: You cancel a dinner reservation because you didn't feel like going out in the storm. You miss your meeting in Dallas because of flight delays. You invest in hurricane insurance or buy a house with a garage to protect your car from the elements. Much of what we, as consumers, do is effected by the weather, so why aren't more businesses using weather to predict their customer behavior? In this webinar, Ahmed Sherif will demonstrate use cases for integrating weather data into your business intelligence processes to perform more powerful and more accurate predictive analysis. This webinar will include a demonstration of applying weather data to customer reservations using Watson Analytics to predict customer churn.

You will learn:

  • Identifying opportunities where weather data is most effective
  • How to leverage tools like Watson Analytics for predictive analysis
  • Tips for visualizing weather data in a clear, appealing way