[Webinar] Constructing Your Transformative Cloud Roadmap




Effective digital transformation looks at more than just technology, but the way that processes and business goals can be reimagined. In this webinar, you'll hear from Cloud Solution Specialist, James McAuliffe, as he explores the difference between digital transformation and digital ambition. He'll guide you through the capabilities of effective cloud ownership, tools to evaluate your data storage solutions, and tips for how to create a transformative cloud roadmap for your organization. 

RSVP here to join James on November 20th at 12pm EST to hear him share how Construct Your Transformative Cloud Roadmap. To learn more about this modernizing your data platforms, visit ccganalytics.com/solutions.


James McAuliffe 
Cloud Solutions Specialist, CCG 

James McAuliffe CroppedJames McAuliffe is a Senior level Solution Architect and Cloud Solution Specialist with over 20 years of technology industry experience. He has worked through every process of the Business Intelligence Solution process through design and development of complete lifecycle implementation. His technical strengths lie in Database development, Cloud computing, and solution architecture, empowering organizations to achieve more from their data. James has been fortunate enough to work with Fortune 500 clients spanning a variety of industries including manufacturing, sales and marketing, government, healthcare and financial services.