Kforce Accelerates Analytics Adoption in Just 6 Weeks with CCG


Kforce is a professional staffing and recruiting firm specializing in connecting companies with top-notch technology, finance, and accounting human resources. The staffing industry is still a growing market but that growth has slowed in recent years. Kforce understands that drata has the potential to reinvent the staffing industry and they want to be on the forefront of the digital transformation. Kforce enlisted the strategic services of CCG to develop a plan for leveraging data and analytics to drive market share and accelerate growth.


The CIO and Director of Business Intelligence had a strong vision for a data-driven Kforce, however, their resources were already spread thin managing day-to-day operations let alone transforming the entire organization. A handful of developers were tasked with supporting the reporting capabilities of the entire organization, a model that won’t easily scale to support modern enterprise analytics. In addition, a small team of enterprise data architects were responsible for creating back-end data architecture for the entire organization including data from recently acquired organizations. Kforce enlisted the help of CCG to develop processes that would better scale the resources they had internally and a plan for leveraging those resources to deliver analytic capabilities to each arm of the business.


CCG was brought in to perform a Strategic Roadmap for Kforce, assessing their people, process, technology and data to prescribe a roadmap for accelerating their analytic vision in just six short weeks. The first step of the Strategic Roadmap was interviewing key stakeholders throughout the organization to assess their reporting capabilities and needs. CCG then used the outputs of these interviews to introduce Kforce to the concept of a BI Steering Committee (BISC), whose mission would be to promote the widespread usage of reporting, and analytics. CCG helped Kforce to stand up their BI Steering Committee and establish a new request system that would allow the committee to prioritize and execute on reporting needs. CCG worked with the newly formed steering committee to develop the first set of chronological analytic projects that would become their roadmap for analytics transformation over the next two years. 

Now that Kforce had a process for scaling analytics, there was an urgent need to upgrade their enterprise data management systems to match the scaling analytic needs. Kforce plans to implement a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in Microsoft Azure but were lacking the processes needed to manage the modern architecture. CCG developed a custom data governance and quality framework for classifying, organizing, and communicating enterprise data and delivered a roadmap for implementing this new framework. This initial governance effort focused on the data governance and data management required to ensure a successful rollout of the new EDW.

The successful rollout of the BI Steering Committee, data governance framework, data quality framework and analytic roadmap have not only established a strong foundation for modern analytics at Kforce but unified the organization through a shared vision of a data-driven future.

Kforce's challenges are not uncommon. Learn how you could benefit from a RadpidRoadmapsolution by reading our blog: 3 Key Use Cases for an Analytics Strategic Data Assessment, Vision and Roadmap. Want to learn how you can implement a Strategic Roadmap in your company? Contact a Data and Analytics Expert here. 

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Employment Agency
  • Solution -Strategic Roadmap
  • Technology - Microsoft Azure

6 Weeks

Number of weeks for strategic roadmap engagement

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