Bagel Giant Transforms Order Ahead Services with CCG's Customer Intelligence for Retail

This food and beverage company needed data-driven, trustworthy insights to more fully understand their customers – their behaviors, preferences, favorite menu items, buying patterns, and more. To thrive in a competitive marketplace, they recognized the value of looking at their data from a customer-centric point of view.

Missing Ingredient = Customer Intelligence

Like many retail and restaurant businesses, this company understood the need for a data and analytics platform that could better inform strategic decisions but wanted to do so in a manner that could be implemented quickly. This perspective was partially informed through the experience of a large-scale data warehousing initiative that ultimately was not successful after approximately 18 months of investment.
The Chief Innovation Officer at this organization, was brought in after this initiative. Among his first orders of business was to address the analytics gap that made it difficult for his leadership team to have the insights quickly enough to adapt their business to rapidly evolving consumer tastes. He said, “We often store our information in isolated little islands. That information doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t all come together in total context, but organizations struggle to do that.”

This food and beverage company came to CCG because they knew they needed a trusted partner who could establish an effective analytics solution fast.

Historically, this companies finance team was manually entering sales figures into Excel, running scripts on PCs, and compiling data from multiple sources each day to provide the necessary daily analytics to their executives. This process took many production hours every week. The data they were pulling from wasn’t always reliable, and any follow-up analysis to dig into why figures looked the way they looked was virtually impossible. It was vital for them to provide their leadership with accurate insights they could trust and use those insights to drive a reduction in costs and increases in operational efficiencies. Additionally, insights gained from that customer data needed to be easily accessible to a broader audience of employees in the field, across multiple disciples like finance, marketing, operations, and executive leadership, to drive a more fact-based decision culture.

Fortunately, CCG and their Customer Intelligence (CI) for Retail Solution successfully met all these needs.

Like Cream Cheese to a Bagel

CCG and this organization were like cream cheese to a bagel – better together. CCG was able to offer a turnkey solution in their Customer Intelligence solution that brought more certainty to time to value, the investment needed, and value expected in return. Yet as a consultancy that caters to the specific needs of each client, the solution could be adequately tailored to the needs of the organization on day one. 

“Based on common needs, CCG created a base platform that people could use and leverage to really accelerate getting a solution – but one that companies could actually configure and customize to be their own” their Chief Innovation Officer said. “CCG has a rich history of helping organizations like ours solve data problems, and they are 100% qualified to help us build the kind of data solutions we need to run our business.”

The tailoring of the engagement spanned people, process and technology considerations. At the start of their partnership, CCG performed data governance and management initiatives to make sure the company had properly categorized and calculated data to flow in the solution. This process was done through better organizing aspects of data lineage, definitions, and values, which gives the leadership team confidence in the insights generated to create greater buy-in across the organization.

Additionally, a Daily Flash Report was tailored to produce timely sales and customer insights across several dimensions spanning such as brands, stores, regions, directors and time periods. This ensures that all functions can quickly adapt to sudden changes in the business, showing real-time data comparisons against historical averages for any time period that the company was previously unable to access.

Since reporting is deployed within an agile, self-service solution, this organization associates across multiple departments are being trained to easily visualize, slice and dice the data to answer their most pressing questions about their customers from a common platform. This synchronization ensured data is no longer siloed and more employees are empowered to drive insights, faster. It was also important for the team to have an easy-to-use interface, an element that positively differentiated CI for Retail when it came to self-service.

At the center of it all, is unleashing new insights about their customers. Behavioral characteristics like understanding who is using Order Ahead or Catering services is now possible, enabling more relevant dialog to engage those customers in a manner that drives growth. Determining evolving customer sentiment around which menu items are most popular, in what combinations and for whom informs decisions from a product mix perspective. Viewing how customer demand differs at thriving stores, can be an enabler in replicating those best practices to other stores to drive sales growth.

“What makes this solution unique is that the customer is at the center, which is why it’s called Customer Intelligence for Retail. It helps us learn more about our business through the lens of the customer, which is the best indicator of the health of the organization and the areas of the business that need to improve.” - Chief Innovation Officer

The Customer Is Always Right

The restaurant industry has always been completely centered on customer experience but has struggled to optimize that experience without having reliable customer intelligence to act upon. With CI for Retail, businesses like this organization can navigate their unique challenges with confidence that they are making smart, datadriven, customer-centric decisions. Uncover how to capitalize on a more customer-centric approach with your data and analytics in this Customer Intelligence eBook

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Food & Beverage
  • Solution - CI for Retail
  • Technology - Microsoft Power BI


Number of leaders surveyed said smarter and more confident decision making would be a top benefit of an analytics platform. (SAS, 2019)

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