House of Representatives Migrates 10 Terabytes of Data into Azure Cloud


Founded in 1856, the Republican National Committee (RNC) coordinates and promotes representation of the Republican Party of the United States. With over 200 million eligible voters in the US, this committee is in charge of analyzing and maintaining one of the largest and most important databases in the country. The RNC is comprised of 168 members representing every state and territory within the U.S. and is organized to understand the political views and qualities of voters. For over a decade, the RNC has partnered with CCG to ensure that their party and its voters are backed by the power of data and analytics.


The Republican National Committee is tasked with analyzing election results, voter registration statistics, voter scoring, census data and voter sentiment for the hundreds of millions of eligible voters in the United States to support Republican campaigns and ensure that the voice of the voter is heard. The RNC engaged long-term partner, CCG, to help them pull all of this data together in an enterprise data warehouse so that they could effectively gain a clearer view of the voter and easily distribute data to republican candidates at all levels of government. Over time, the existing architecture had become increasingly difficult to scale and manage. Report turnaround times were increasing due to the complexity of underlying architecture and maintenance costs of the legacy hardware were growing. CCG partnered with the RNC to move their data off premises and into the cloud, which would decrease data processing time while increasing data access, performance and availability.


CCG supported the RNC through the data content and infrastructure analysis process, after which Microsoft Azure Cloud was implemented to house the enterprise cloud data warehouse. Microsoft Power BI would then be used to analyze the newly consolidated data. In under two months, CCG supported the massive 10 terabyte migration of sensitive data distributed in over 250 databases into the new Azure Cloud environment.

CCG cleansed all external data and combined them into the unified presentation layer (UPL). This consolidated disparate data sources into one area, allowing all users to easily point to internal and external lists, survey results, voter scores, voter counts and other important information previously stored in departmental warehouses and silos. By simply signing up for an Azure account, the RNC can now grant access to any RNC staffers and politicians to the external UPL, empowering campaign officials with an entire national database of voter information. Additionally, the RNC is now able to pull data from the cloud and expose it using Microsoft Power BI in easily sharable reports and dashboards.

Through their ongoing partnership with CCG, the RNC successfully moved from a traditional IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to gather, store and distribute voter data to other national political organizations. This cloud initiative reduced the RNC’s IT footprint, reduced costs, and empowered them with a data warehouse that can easily handle external data sources and scale to incorporate growing data sets. As a result of this engagement, the RNC is now able to leverage data and analytics to ensure that republican campaign messages are reaching their voter audience in an efficient and timely fashion.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry - Government
  • Technology - Microsoft
  • Solution - Platform Modernization


10 Terabytes of data across 250 databases successfully migrated to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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