Optical Manufacturer Increases Profitability, Optimizes Resources, with Big Data Analytics Platform

CCG was recently enlisted to work with a leading manufacturer of custom soft and gas permeable contact lenses, which also functions as an authorized distributor for all major soft contact lens manufacturers in the United States. The company supplies nearly two thirds of eye care professionals across the country with the broadest portfolio of optical products in the industry.

The business also features a fully automated optical lab dedicated to freeform digital lens fabrication, including multiple manufacturing lines, extensive on-site anti-reflective (AR) coating labs, as well as lens finishing centers.

Additionally, the company offers B2B practice-building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews, annual supply staff training and e-commerce solutions.

Focal Points

The Customer needed the ability to quickly and easily provide their sales reps with compelling data to use when pitching to potential customers, but their existing data structure and functionality was limiting. While their primary focus was to find an effective way to monetize their data, like most manufacturing businesses today, they also needed to be able to utilize their data to help optimize operations, increase productivity, predict revenue and demand, and increase customer loyalty.

Before engaging CCG, the Customer’s teams were manually extracting data from their SQL data mart into Excel, a cumbersome and time-consuming process. There was no Business Intelligence solution to automatically pull insights, and no self-service capabilities for sales reps to run their own reports.

Additionally, the Customer’s data was all housed on-premise, and they wanted to realize the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud.

The Customer put the project out for competitive bid, and selected Microsoft-recommended CCG for their agile approach, competitive pricing and cultural fit. CCG went to work on developing a solution that addressed their data concerns and delivered measurable results.

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Looking into the future

The Customer and CCG decided to implement Azure Synapse, a new analytics platform which launched in late 2019 and represents an advancement of Azure SQL Data Warehouse – bringing enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics into a single, comprehensive service.

This cloud-based solution allows the Customer to query their database on their own terms, instantly access and unify powerful insights from all their data, and automate their BI capabilities. CCG is one of the first solution providers to leverage the newly released, rebranded tool set, further expanding their Azure expertise.

Synapse was used along with a Tabular model and Power BI tools to further enable self-service capabilities.

Additionally, the Customer requested that CCG implement Azure Blueprints, which enables cloud architects to define a repeatable set of Azure resources that implements and adheres to an organization’s standards – essentially creating templates. This allows the Customer to easily delete and re-build development and testing environments to their specifications at a significant cost savings.

Finally, CCG provided the Customer with extensive training, test strategies, and documentation to get the team up to speed on making the most of their new data and analytics functionality.

CCG’s solution will allow the Customer to free up several resources that were dedicated to report generation to focus on new development, further grow the company, and increase profitability.

 Learn the impact that Big Data Analytics is having on businesses through our Edge of Analytics video: Simply Unmatched: Azure Synapse Analytics

Quick Facts


Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics was released with blended BI and data science capabilities

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