Non-Profit Organization Optimizes Cloud Environment with Azure and Saves 160+ Hours of Processing Time

According to IDC, 71% of companies trust the cloud for speed improvements, and 63% for greater flexibility.  

For businesses looking to the cloud to assist in processing and sharing data, speed and flexibility are essential. One political non-profit wanted to ensure accurate data was readily available and up to date for contributors and local governments. The membership organization (which we've anonymized to Political Non-Profit) is based in Washington, D.C., has 100 employees, and nets under $5 Million in revenue. While it is a non-profit organization, access to data and managing large data sets is a common challenge amongst its professional services counterparts. 


The Political Non-Profit struggled with manually intensive processes for extracting files from multiple sources to multiple vendors. The process required several SQL scripts to run with little to no framework. The organization would continuously need to re-start when a process failed since there were no self-healing capabilities to the infrastructure. The manual efforts combined with long load time and consistent processing failures led this Political Non-Profit to optimize their processes. 


CCG was a long-time partner of this organization, previously saving the Political Non-Profit 45% in 2 Months with Managed Cloud Services. With a successful track record, the organization knew who to contact when they were struggling with their cloud environment. CCG proposed a solution that utilized Azure SQL DB Hyperscale Tier along with Azure Event Grid Functionality. This technology helps the organization easily manage events (or functions) across various Azure services and applications. The Azure SQL DB Hyperscale Tier decouples compute, log, and storage efforts, allowing the organization to have additional storage and high throughput. Push notifications were also implemented so vendors could pick up files instead of manually sending files to vendors separately.  


The Political Non-Profit saw immediate cost savings with the cloud migration and optimization performed by CCG. Processing time for files went from 6-7 days to just 1-2 hours – saving 166 hours on resources like computing power and workforce cost. The time saving allowed the political non-profit to focus on more essential tasks as automation was now self-healing in nature. Lastly, the file delivery approach for all external vendors was standardized, which allowed for custom files to be delivered without extra effort from either party.  


  • Fully automated process with utilized PaaS solution offerings, allowing the organization to scale up and down when necessary.
  • The self-healing framework provides telemetry and audit data to the Political Non-Profit in real-time.
  • Millisecond latency within Azure Hyperscale Tier allows the organization to ramp up on analytics within the database without impacting the compute node's processing.
  • A robust and customizable notification framework allows for speed to value and improved analysis from either party.  

If your non-profit organization needs help with Cloud Migration Strategy, or advancing other data and analytics initiatives, contact the experts at CCG today. We will help your business grow and thrive, both now and in the future.

Quick Facts

  • Solution - Cloud MIgration and Optimization
  • Industry - Professional Services, Political Non-Profit 


Hours saved after CCG optimized processing time from 7 days to 2 hours.

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