Spine Center Generates 160% ROI from Marketing Analytics Solutions


Americans spend an estimated $50 billion each year on back pain relief —and that’s just for the more easily identified costs. With today’s growing emphasis on quality care, clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness, minimally invasive spinal surgery is on the rise, helping Americans find relief from chronic neck and back injuries. One of America’s largest Surgical Groups, which has helped over 75,000 patients across the U.S. find relief through an alternative to open back and neck surgery, enlists the analytic services of CCG to keep a pulse on their growing data needs. CCG previously performed an AVR (Assessment, Vision, and Roadmap) and Tool Selection for the surgical institute, implementing their first enterprise BI platform and modern data warehouse, and standing up a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BICoE) to maintain it. While initially CCG was introduced through the company’s IT department to assist Finance and Operations, other lines of business saw the success of their analytics partnership and enlisted CCG to support their analytical needs.  


This surgical institute’s marketing department is renowned for their creative advertising campaigns and sincere customer engagement, which results in a large quantity of inbound patients seeking medical support. However, the Marketing Department had limited visibility into the exact source of these leads and little means for accrediting marketing campaigns to the connection of new patients. The company had previously outsourced much of their marketing spend analytics to outside vendors such as ad agencies and “CRM specialists” to track marketing ROI, but the analytics they received from these outsourced vendors was limited and sometimes even inaccurate. The marketing department hypothesized that they could perform more accurate analytics themselves, however manual reporting processes were costing valuable time and money. They engaged CCG to perform a RapidDash proof of concept to test their theory and help the team learn how to successfully create their own reports.


CCG was tasked with creating a marketing solution that would better track marketing expenditures and attribute leads generated to marketing channels, satisfying the need for better visibility into marketing practices, advertising spend and patient lifecycle while testing the ability to internally manage marketing analytics. This project needed to both validate data concerns of external vendors and provide an interim solution for internally reporting on lead lifecycle. CCG developed the marketing spend tracking dashboard in a bi-modal fashion as a RapidDash, delivering a working prototype to the marketing department as a means for satisfying short-term needs while gathering data requirements for the long-term data architecture to take over for the external vendors.  

CCG used Informatica to load the previous vendor-maintained marketing data into a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse, which will serve as the new single source of truth for all marketing reporting. Once the data was successfully modeled, it was time to prove whether marketing could successfully develop reports on their own. CCG operationalized the RapidDash for ongoing insights and developed a new marketing semantic layer in MicroStrategy, which allows individuals to build their own governed reports using the data in the new data warehouse. CCG rolled out these new self-service capabilities through a series of trainings, teaching the marketing department how to take advantage of the new tools. These new self-service capabilities are expected to save some marketers within the organization 15+ hours per week in data wrangling and adhoc report development.

The data architecture and reporting solution developed by CCG drastically improved marketing’s visibility into campaign performance, allowing them to more effectively allocate spend and reduce efforts around analytics, and eliminated the need for external data vendors, which immediately provided a 160% ROI of the engagement by eliminating these vendor costs. Establishing a single-source-of-truth, along with standardizing business rules and terminology, improved the likelihood of successful marketing initiatives and allowed marketing to focus their efforts on more strategic initiatives. The surgical institute’s marketing department is now fully equipped to identify patients through marketing analytics and get them on the road to recovery. 

This organization's challenges are not uncommon. Learn how you could benefit from a RapidDash solution by reading our blog: Risks of Driving Without a BI Roadmap. Want to learn how you can implement a RapidDash solution in your company? Contact Data and Analytics Expert here.

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Healthcare
  • Solution - RapidDash 


ROI from elimination of external data vendors.

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