Sales Team Sees 108% Increase in Conversions with MSFT AI

Microsoft's marketing organization aims to be agile and responsive to different markets, collaborate effectively across departments, and be model corporate citizens. In particular, their goal is to be a great partner to the sales organization by providing the best leads possible in order to improve conversion rates, accelerate sales cycles, and improve seller efficiency.

One of the ways they have done this is by looking for ways to improve lead generation processes through the Global Demand Center, their globally scaled customer acquisition and engagement marketing engine that handles millions of leads per year. The Global Demand Center starts the acquisition process by generating leads through events and gated content, such as e-books and whitepapers. Leads are placed in personalized engagement programs and then we score them to determine which leads are ready to talk to a seller and which sales channel is appropriate, whether Inside Sales, a partner, or managed account sales.

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108% increase in conversion rate YOY

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