Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Enables Kforce to Process Data 13x Faster

About Kforce

Kforce is a solutions firm that builds and manages expert teams in technology, finance, and accounting. Based in Tampa, Florida, the solutions team delivers business objectives through a global KNOWLEDG Eforce and flexible delivery. Kforce is a partner to more than 4,000 organizations and prides itself on supporting career advancement, professional training, and leadership development.


Kforce leveraged a Talent Resource Management (TRM) system, which is a set of software applications that qualify candidates, manage resumes and candidate profiles, amongst other qualities. The solutions firm transitioned their TRM but faced many challenges in connecting their data lake to SQL Server. The disconnect made reporting and analytics development challenges. In serving a high volume of organizations with over 15 million contacts, big data analytics was a concern. Kforce needed a solution to properly ingest data from multiple data platforms (like their TRM), prepare, manage, and serve data at scale.


A long-time partner with CCG, Kforce knew who to work with to resolve this data and analytics challenge. The CCG team worked with Kforce to dive deep into their current analytics capabilities, team member skills, data processes, and architecture. CCG recommended to complete a Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics pilot– a cloud-based solution released in early 2020 that empowers enterprises with big data processing and predictive analytics capabilities. CCG further leveraged Microsoft Dynamics and the newly transitioned TRM system to pilot the unified data platform for serving analytics.


Leveraging Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Kforce can now integrate their data from their TRM, Dynamics Common Data Model/ Service (CDM/CDS) into a unified platform to serve their analytics. The platform now ingests mass amounts of data points, prepares the data, manages it, and then does it to platforms like Power BI for data visualizations. Furthermore, Kforce can leverage the platform for machine learning and AI, saving steps on data preparation.  


  • Processed data 13x faster than previous data platform, loading 15 million contacts went from 5-6 hours to 27 minutes
  • Azure Synapse Analytics enabled a unified data platform for better user adoption and integration for data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI
  • Enabled the business with immediate access to machine learning and Ai capabilities, without the need for additional data preparation tools

The Kforce team is always looking for ways to innovate and leverage data to provide valuable insights to the business. We partnered with CCG to pilot Microsoft Synapse for a few of our largest datasets.  We saw incredible time saving benefits during the pilot and will be expanding to other if not all datasets in the near future.” – Kevin Davis, VP of Analytics and Architecture, Kforce 

About Azure Synapse

Future-proofing your business means leveraging technologies that support the depth, size, and quality of your data. With tools like Microsoft Azure Synapse, you can gain a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs.

Interested in learning more about how to drive innovation with Synapse and analytics? Click here to view our three-part video series. 

Quick Facts

  • Solution - Platform Modernization
  • Industry - Professional Services 
  • Technology - Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics

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